From frontier forts to historic missions, the Lone Star State is full of fascinating website that keep the past alive. The Texas Gulf coastline is no exception. After ~ all, it’s here that an entirely different chapter that Texas history took place. Discover beautifully kept homes, Antebellum-era plantations, and also a Civil war battlefield as you obtain to recognize the people, places, and also events the shaped the state together we know it today. Begin your very own journey of discovery at any of the complying with historic sites activate by the Texas historic Commission.

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Fulton Mansion State historic Site

Settled among stately oaks just a stone’s throw away native the tenderness tides the Aransas Bay, Fulton Mansion is a historical treasure. Developed in 1877, the home’s mansard roof and balustrades do it a picturesque example of the 2nd Empire format of design popularized in 19th-century France. However that’s not all that sets this Victorian-era mansion apart—it was among the very first homes in the an ar with inner gas lighting, central heating, and indoor plumbing.

Feel favor you’ve taken a step right into the previous as you get in the beautifully revived home. Every room is furnished together it would have actually looked close to the end of the 19th century, offering the possibility to suffer the day-to-day stays of the mansion’s rich occupants. Take a step further as friend admire historical objects and exhibits that summary the background of the Fulton family and also their history in the livestock industry. Learn about life in the area in ~ the education and learning and history Center.

Visit the Fulton Mansion State historical Site and you’ll obtain the possibility to check out an architectural marvel, endure life in a various era, and also discover critical chapter that Texas history along the way.

Previously closed because that renovations ~ Hurricane Harvey, Fulton Mansion is currently open because that visitors.

Port Isabel Lighthouse State historic Site

Towering 72 feet over the weird gulf-side town of harbor Isabel, the historic Port Isabel Lighthouse is a living item of Texas history that supplies one that the best views you’ll uncover anywhere ~ above the Gulf Coast. Built in 1852, the lighthouse helped ensure safety and security on southern Texas’ seaside waterways for an ext than 50 years, and it was also occupied through soldiers for the Confederacy and Union during the civil War.

Climb the 75 stairs for a summary vista of the aquamarine waters of the Gulf that Mexico and South Padre Island in the distance. Avoid by the museum in the reconstructed keeper’s head to watch the lighthouse’s history, climate take time to browse the one-of-a-kind shops nearby. It’s not every day you deserve to visit an yes, really lighthouse, which is why the port Isabel Lighthouse is critical part of any visit to south Padre Island.

Levi Jordan Plantation State historical Site

At its optimal in the 1850s, the Levi Jordan Plantation was a prolific producer that sugar and cotton that largely relied ~ above the forced labor of much more than 130 slaves. The central point of the home was the plantation house, a two-story Greek-Revival structure created with pine timber from Florida in 1854. The plantation is noteworthy as the backdrop for The Uncompromising Diary that Sallie McNeill, a series of diary entries composed by the nephew of Levi Jordan native 1858 come 1867. Easily accessible at local booksellers and directly native the Texas A&M college press, the book offers a personal perspective that life ~ above the plantation during the civil War and Reconstruction.

The Levi Jordan Plantation State historic Site is right now under advancement and is not intended to open up until autumn 2021. Please examine the historic site’s website for more information.

Sabine pass Battleground State historical Site

On the afternoon of September 8, 1863, a contingent of Union gunboats launched an attack on fort Griffin top top the bank of the Sabine river to prevent the Confederacy from opening a trade path with France. What complied with was among the most one-sided battles in the civil War, a finish Confederate victory that resulted in the capture of 350 prisoners.

Find yourself at the website of one of the couple of Texas battles of the era in ~ Sabine pass Battleground State historical Site in port Arthur. Embark on a self-guided tour and you’ll watch memorials dedicated to Confederate commander Richard W. Dowling, and the Union soldiers who dropped on the day. See just how the fight played out on the pavilion with interpretive displays and also check the end the scale model of ft Griffin. Take your time and also you’ll uncover the many stories the a little-known thing of American history.

Varner-Hogg Plantation State historical Site

Built on among the original parcels of floor administered by Stephen F. Austin in the at an early stage 19th century, the Varner-Hogg Plantation to be a big sugar plantation in the 1850s and also 1860s. As plenty of as 60 enslaved employees toiled in the fields and constructed the mansion, smokehouse, sugar mill, and their own housing using bricks they made themselves. While emancipation ultimately lugged the finish of the plantation’s street production, the residential property remained noteworthy as the was later purchased by previous Texas governor James Stephen Hogg. Hogg’s daughter, Ima, eventually donated the plantation come the State the Texas decades after a big reserve that oil was discovered on the property.

Uncover more than 100 year of the plantation’s previous on a 45-minute tour guided by a knowledgeable docent, then check out the grounds to watch the initial outbuildings, pecan orchards, and also Hogg’s very own oversized the end bathtub. Located simply an hour southern of Houston near the town of West Columbia, the Varner-Hogg Plantation State historic Site is a have to for Texas background enthusiasts.

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Learn an ext about these and also other Texas historic Commission’s historic sites here.