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color movie copy transparency


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color film copy slide

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The Library of Congress typically does not very own rights to material in its collections and, therefore, cannot provide or deny permission topublish or otherwise distribution the material. For additional rights information, check out \"Rights Information\" below and the Rights and Restrictions information page (

Reproduction Number: LC-USZC4-11932 (color film copy transparency)LC-USZC2-394 (color movie copy slide) Call Number: POS - Fr .S74, no. 13 (E size) Medium: 1 print (poster) : lithograph, shade ; 138 x 99 cm.

If picture is displaying, you deserve to download that yourself. (Some images screen only as thumbnails exterior the Library that Congress since of rights considerations, but you have accessibility to larger size photos on site.)

Alternatively, you can purchase duplicates of various types through Library of congress Duplication Services.

If a digital image is displaying: The features of the digital photo partially count on whether it to be made from the original or an intermediate such together a copy negative or transparency. If the Reproduction Number field over includes a reproduction number the starts with LC-DIG..., then there is a digital picture that was made directly from the original and also is of enough resolution for most publication purposes.

If over there is information noted in the Reproduction Number ar above: You have the right to use the reproduction number to purchase a copy indigenous Duplication Services. It will certainly be do from the source noted in the parentheses after ~ the number.

If just black-and-white (\"b&w\") resources are listed and girlfriend desire a copy showing shade or color (assuming the original has any), girlfriend can generally purchase a top quality copy of the original in shade by citing the call Number provided above and also including the magazine record (\"About This Item\") through your request.

If there is no information provided in the Reproduction Number field above: girlfriend can usually purchase a high quality copy with Duplication Services. Point out the speak to Number noted above and also include the catalog record (\"About This Item\") v your request.

Price lists, call information, and also order creates are accessible on the Duplication Services internet site.

Call Number: POS - Fr .S74, no. 13 (E size) Medium: 1 publish (poster) : lithograph, color ; 138 x 99 cm.

Please use the following steps to identify whether you need to fill the end a contact slip in the Prints and Photographs reading Room to see the original item(s). In some cases, a surrogate (substitute image) is available, frequently in the type of a digital image, a copy print, or microfilm.

Is the item digitized? (A thumbnail (small) image will be visible on the left.)

Yes, the article is digitized.Please usage the digital photo in choice to requesting the original. All images have the right to be perceived at a big size as soon as you space in any reading room in ~ the Library the Congress. In part cases, just thumbnail (small) pictures are obtainable when girlfriend are exterior the Library that Congress due to the fact that the item is rights limited or has actually not to be evaluated for civil liberties restrictions.

As a preservation measure, we typically do not serve an initial item once a digital picture is available. If you have a compelling factor to check out the original, consult with a recommendation librarian. (Sometimes, the original is merely too delicate to serve. For example, glass and also film photographic negative are an especially subject come damage. They are additionally easier to see online wherein they room presented as confident images.)

Do the accessibility Advisory or speak to Number fields above indicate the a non-digital surrogate exists, such as microfilm or copy prints?

Yes, another surrogate exists.

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Reference staff can direct you to this surrogate.

If you carry out not check out a thumbnail image or a recommendation to another surrogate, you re welcome fill the end a speak to slip in the Prints and Photographs reading Room. In plenty of cases, the originals deserve to be offered in a couple of minutes. Other products require appointments for later the exact same day or in the future. Referral staff have the right to advise you in both exactly how to fill out a speak to slip and when the item have the right to be served.

To call Reference staff in the Prints and also Photographs reading Room, please usage our asking A Librarian company or call the reading room in between 8:30 and 5:00 at 202-707-6394, and also Press 3.