Ciao Tutti, I know this is an old post but ns think it"s worthy of added discussion since this duet is affluent in Italian gammar. The whole very first verse walk (by Don Giovanni) favor this: Là ci darem la mano,Là mi dirai di sì;vedi, no è lontano,Patiam, ben mio, da qui.

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The second verse (by Zerlinda) proceeds on: Vorrei, e no Vorrei, and also it contiunes on like this with lots much more rich Italian grammar yet civicpride-kusatsu.net rules prevent me indigenous including an ext of the verse from this beautiful duet. However, you deserve to google the verse and also find numerous Italian and also English translations because that this opera. Carrickp has actually accurately translated the an initial verse in a literal sense however to understand the real sense of the duet a much more elequent English is needed, and also I"m no being an important of Carrickp since I have seen part horrilble "literal translatons" but literal is a great starting point. To placed this in context, we all recognize the story the Don Giovanni (Don Juan in the popular Spanish version), Don Giovanni renders a video game of the seduction of women and also Zerlinda is his latest "toy". He"s a well-off playboy and just happens to it is in within vision of among his villas. In the first line of the very first verse "Là ci darem la mano". The opening "Là" is of course the adverb there and is introduce to his colse by villa and not the definite short article "la" as mistakenly interpreted by some. The next two words are "ci darem" i m sorry is both reflexive and truncated. The reflexive accounts because that carrickp"s translation to "we"ll provide each other". The truncation that the verb daremo is poetic patent taken by Mozart"s lbirettist, Lorenzo da Ponte, to store in step with the meter (beat the the music). The 2nd line is much like the first, again referering come "Là" as the ar where Zerlinda will say yes to his proposal (probably fake) that marriage.

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The remainder of the 1st verse is pretty much straight foward through the exemption of "partiam" which again is truncated for meter"s sake. then it goes on v Zerlinda"s reply, which supplies the conditional "vorrei". Putting this completely in much more elequent English us get: There us will sign up with hands in Marriage;There you will certainly say correctly (or ns do) to me,See, it"s not much from here,Let"s depart indigenous here, my darling,. I would like to yet I dare not,.......................... Well. Anyhow that"s my evaluation . Anybody have a different evaluation on this? SN