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Posted: Apr Wed 30, 2014 3:24 pm
What is that going to take to uncover the constant La Choy Mini (Bite Sized) Shrimp Egg rolls in the supermarket freezer ar again? There to be at the very least a dozen of this egg rolls uncovered in every 7.25 oz. Box, and also I believed that this tasted far far better than the larger ones that room marketed nowadays. While serfing v the Internet, Wal Mart may still share the La Choy Mini (Chicken) egg rolls in few of their stores, however it"s not a given. I miss out on those particular shrimp egg rolls, and I"m sure that I have plenty that company.

Retired Radio Man
Posted: Apr Wed 30, 2014 8:36 pm
I"ve found Wal-Mart to be hit or miss. It appears that every time I discover something i really favor they don"t have it the next time i go. That"s true for a lot of things lock carry. Castle seem to buy entire production runs and also when they sell out that"s it.RRM

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I am a sales rep for the firm that provides Tonys, Red Baron and also Freschetta pizza. Walmart is very strict on your shelf sets or "modulars". For this reason is Kroger. A couple of important factors go right into what is brought on the shelf. This "mods" are made in the residence offices of these companies. 1) popularity - Our best sellers room at eye level. Exact same with everyone elses. Slow movers are at the bottom or top. 2) Purchased space - carriers purchase an are to location items in a details amount of shop say 1,000 or 2,000. 3) Repitition - we don"t bring our best selling Freschetta pizza the 4 meat in any kind of Walmart as result of the reality the competition, Digiorno, selling a couple of varieties of all meat pizzas. So La Choy brand Shrimp Egg rolls not accessible but maybe brought in Chun King line? Your finest bet to gain you La Choy rolls is to walk to an independent grocer/mom and also pop and ask the frozen food manager to order friend in a case. Girlfriend won"t need to buy the entirety case. They can squeeze in room on their shelves.