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Full monitor Listing:Lean ~ above Me (Album Version) (5:58) skinny on Me (Instrumental Version) (5:07) Love (Remix)

Background Information

The commercial solitary for “Lean top top Me” to be released in Europe in September of 1998 to encourage the brand-new album through Kirk Franklin called “The Nu country Project”. The song “Lean top top Me” was tape-recorded in the summer the 1998, and featured a number of big performers on vocals including Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly, crystal Lewis and Bono. Bono was not existing for the actual record of the song, and his vocals were videotaped remotely, and mixed in with the various other recordings. Yet in the spring of 1999, once this track was performed at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Bono to be on hand to sing this tune live.

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The commercial solitary features the “Album Version” the “Lean on Me”, or at the very least that is how it is labelled. The variation on the yes, really album is 5:08 in length, and the version consisted of here is 5:56 in length instead. So the so dubbed “Album Version” uncovered here top top the single, is without doubt a different mix native the version uncovered on the album.

A promotional single was also issued for this single, through yet another slightly different mix, the “Video Version” at 5:10 in length.

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Liner Notes

Lean top top Me (Album Version): written by Kirk Franklin. Co-Produced by Dan Shea. Vocals co-produced by Kevin Bond because that Bonded Music. Tape-recorded at Andora Studios, Burbank, CA; big Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Wallyworld Studios, san Rafael, CA; by Dave Rideau, Bobby Fernandez, David Gleeson, and also Dan Shea. Helped by louis Quine and also Paul Westheimer. Recorded at Dallas Sound Lab, Dallas, TX; enterprise Studios, Burbank, CA; by “Bassy” Bob Brockman, Kevin Bond, and also Chris Bell. Assisted by James Murray and Phil Green. Taped at Chicago Trax, Chicago, IL. Assistant engineer: Anthony Kilhosser. Recorded at Westland Studios, Dublin, Ireland. Mixed at Barking doctor Studios, Mt. Kisco, NY through Mick Guzauski. Helped by Tom Bender. Manufacturing coordinated by Lexy Shroyer. Master at Sterling Sound, brand-new York, NY by Tom Coins. Lead Vocals: R. Kelly, mar J. Blige, decision Lewis, Bono, Tamela Mann, and Dalon Collins. Lift Vocals: The Family. Added background vocals: Nu Nation. Piano: Kirk Franklin. Piano, keyboards and Rhythm Programming: Dan Shea. Organ: Jerome Harmon. Guitar: Michael Landau. Bass: Nathan East. Drums: Ricky Lawson. Percussion: Len Barrett. Strings i ordered it & conducted by: bill Ross.

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Release Notes

first Release: 1998-09European Release: 1998-09

Record Label

Gospo Centric records

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