Throughout Sora"s journey, that will acquire Drive Forms: unique abilities that room born native his new clothes listed by the three great fairies close to the start of the journey. Each Drive form amplifies a different aspect of Sora"s powers. An ext Drive creates become available to Sora throughout the journey.

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Drive type Level & EXP

Drive forms can be levelled increase by gaining experience various methods while using a Form. When a Drive type increases in level, the journey Gauge is increased throughout use that the Form, and also Growth ability (abilities distinct to every Form) have the right to be acquired and used by Sora without using the Form.

VALOR FORM - A kind specializing in physics attacks.Drive point out consumed: 3

Sora is able to transaction a flurry of hefty blows to adjacent enemies. If in this form, Sora"s jumping ability is amplified and his running speed is increased. This type is concentrated on attack abilities; therefore, every magic (including Cure) is disabled while in Valor Form.

EXP:For each attack dealt to the adversary in Valor Form, 1 allude of endure is gained.

Obtained: obtained from the three an excellent fairies in secret Tower.

Valor kind LVLEXP RequiredBonus
LVL 2100 ptsAuto Valor
LVL 3400 ptsHigh jump LV1
LVL 4760 ptsCombo Plus
LVL 51210 ptsHigh jump LV2
LVL 61750 ptsCombo Plus
LVL 72500 ptsHigh run LV3
VALOR FORM - A form specializing in magic attacks.Drive point out consumed: 3

Sora is able to deal successive magic assaults to surrounding enemies. If in this form, Sora"s magic is greatly enhanced and his activity is contempt increased. This kind is focused on magic abilities; Sora"s attack command role is changed with the shoot command.

EXP: for each Heartless defeated in Wisdom Form,1 allude of endure is gained.

Obtained: loss Pete in Timeless River.

Wisdom type LVLEXP RequiredBonus
LVL 220 HeartlessAuto Wisdom
LVL 380 HeartlessQuick operation LV1
LVL 4152 HeartlessMP Rage
LVL 5242 HeartlessQuick operation LV2
LVL 6350 HeartlessMP Haste
LVL 7500 HeartlessQuick run LV3
MASTER FORM - A form that handles both the Keyblade and magic.Drive point out consumed: 4

Sora is able come deal disastrous physical attacks and also very an effective magic attacks. When in this form, Sora"s magic casts have the right to be unlimited (they do not count in the direction of hits in a combo) and also his activities are contempt increased. This kind is especially advantageous against aerial enemies; the Aerial Dodge ability gives Sora one extra vertical boost after jumping.

EXP: Each small drive orb offers 1 suggest of experience, and one large drive orb provide 3 point out of endure for each drive prize acquired in grasp Form.

Obtained: Reunite through King Mickey throughout Sora"s 3rd visit to hole Bastion.

Master form LVLEXP RequiredBonus
LVL 260 orbsAuto Master
LVL 3240 orbsAerial evade LV1
LVL 4456 orbsAir Combo Plus
LVL 5726 orbsAerial dodge LV2
LVL 61050 orbsAir Combo Plus
LVL 71500 orbsAerial dodge LV3
LIMIT FORM - A form that ****NEED DESCRIPTION***.Drive clues consumed: 4

Sora is able to use powerful abilities from the original Kingdom understanding in the type of Limits. If in this form, Sora can additionally use the evade Roll and also Zantetsuken abilities. This kind allows the use of lot of Limits, and also its MP Rage capability allows for quicker restoration of MP as soon as taking damage.


Obtained: open up the pathway in between worlds during Sora"s second visit to Twilight Town.

Limit type LVLEXP RequiredBonus
LVL 23 LimitsAuto Limit
LVL 39 LimitsDodge roll LV1
LVL 421 LimitsDraw
LVL 540 LimitsDodge roll LV2
LVL 663 LimitsLucky Lucky
LVL 790 LimitsDodge roll LV3
FINAL FORM - A form that unleashes the Keyblade"s true power.Drive clues consumed: 5

Sora is able come execute damaging physical and also magic attacks by making use of abilities from all Forms. While in this Form, Sora floats in middair and uses magic come propel his Keyblades at enemies. This type is the many powerful form available, and makes full use that Sora"s offensive abilities.

EXP: because that each Nobody beat in last Form, 1 point of experience is gained.

Obtained: Randomly acquired by activating another Drive type after defeating Roxas.

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Limit form LVLEXP RequiredBonus
LVL 212 NobodiesAuto Final
LVL 336 NobodiesGlide LV1
LVL 484 NobodiesForm Boost
LVL 5160 NobodiesGlide LV2
LVL 6293 NobodiesForm Boost
LVL 7450 NobodiesGlide LV3
ANTI FORM - A form that unleashes the Keyblade"s true power.Drive point out consumed: ALL

If Sora uses Drive creates too often, over there is a possibility that Anti kind may be caused instead. Sora is able to execute devastating physical strikes on surrounding enemies. While in this Form, Sora cannot usage items or magic. This Drive kind serves together a penalty, and also the drive Gauge will be totally depleted once Sora reverts from this Form.