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When I saw the exorbitant kiss this chapter, it suddenly emerged to me the we most likely won"t watch an Ayane/Pin kiss due to the fact that like you, I think nothing will happen until she graduates native college and also if that"s the case, it will certainly be in one epilogue which kind of reduce the opportunity of a kiss. Also, I find it strange that Ayane/Kento kiss wasn"t a close up choose the one this chapter and also the one the the main couple had. Yet I recognize the Mogi/Ayane kiss to be pretty nearby up. Ns wonder why.

Yeah I’ve thought the same thing myself before. I really want them come kiss but it is possible that the won’t happen. I’ve always wanted a surprised kiss actually v Ayane taking the initiative. *fingers crossed we acquire one*

Now let’s have actually a look at the kisses we have had actually so much (I’m not going come talk around every Sawako and also Kazehaya one due to the fact that there have actually been quite a few):

So very first we have actually the Ayane and Mogi kiss from thing 56. Directly after this step we have actually the moment where Ayane meets pin in the hallway and asks if he’s ever been in love/liked anyone before.
Then we have actually the huge Shota and also Sawako kiss in thing 71 which to be a double page picture. That was adhered to by a number of other kisses.
So now let’s look in ~ Ayane and also Kent’s first kiss. This was in chapter 78 and also was after Ayane’s consultation meeting through Pin. Ayane discusses through Kent around why she doesn’t favor herself and Kent claims he likes just how awkward she is, the kiss follows. The kiss is technically ~ above a dual page however only filling one side of it.
This is Ayane and also Kent in thing 85. I think they space walking residence together.
And lastly what we have all been talk about…the Chizu and Ryu kiss from chapter 88. This to be a dual spread however the kiss was just on one side. This web page was followed by a pic of them kissing from further away.

So basically Ayane and Kent space the just ones who haven’t had a close up kiss. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Kissing in this manga is huge business. I think we have the right to safely say that Sawako and Shota’s and Chizu and also Ryu’s kisses had a big build increase whereas the ayane and also kento one didn’t really. I likewise think it’s funny that directly after the Mogi kiss she runs right into Pin and before her and Kento’s first kiss she has a meeting through guess who…Pin.

I think the reason why the Ayane and also Mogi kiss was close up was since it was supposed to shock us. Us were every expecting the an initial kiss to be presented in the manga to be Shota and Sawako’s and so Ayane having an intimate kiss v a guy she has been walking out with for 5 minute was intended to shock us and make us appreciate the sawakaze kiss all the much more when the happened.

I can be biased right here of course as I clearly don’t ship Kento and also Ayane but it’s weird in any kind of case.

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EDIT: Also, an alert how we can clearly see Ayane, Chizu and also Sawako’s faces in your kisses (Ayane’s in the Mogi kiss) however we can’t see Ayane’s challenge in either of the Kent and also Ayane kisses. We never ever actually check out her response to the kisses either due to the fact that they are constantly at the finish of a scene. One more observation you could make is that Sawako and Chizu space both crying when they space kissed which us can clearly see on the pictures above. If Ayane and also Pin ever kiss i imagine the to it is in paralleled in the same method to show the prominence of the kiss and also to show that they room a “true” pairing.