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I have been researching the hell out that cars and also have that narrowed under to two, the Sportage and the 2012 crv. One problem I have around the Sportage is the time belt maintenance. Is this a reality, or is that a myth? ns can"t find any substantial information about if this belt needs to be changed every 60k or not. Any assist would be appreciated. Give thanks to you.

It has a timing chain... Find the Sportage areas around their reliability.. There are still rather a few 1995 Sportages the end there.. They have actually a very good track record and their owners love them.Dave
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The 2011 and up Sportages have actually chains. Over there is no constant maintenance on the chains.Until now every one of the Sportages had actually belts, indigenous 1995-2010. Castle did have actually a 60k maintenance interval, except California which is 105k.

Even the 1.7 diesel engine is through a time chain. Timing chains are an ext reliable and also needs less maintenance together it is working in engine oil so the lubricates itself. Despite they do have actually wear and tear also, but they will last much an ext than a time belt and also you practically forget around it.
The CRV T.B. Is roughly $1000+ maintain item.

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I am an extremely familiar through the needs of Honda engines. I currently have a Ridgeline and also in the previous several other Honda"s. The CRV will require a time belt, spark plugs, water pump/gasket service and also valve adjustments in ~ 60K mile under severe service conditions or 100K mile for consistent service. If you room skilled and also have the patience and also borrow the tools, it will certainly take you around a day to do the job together with ~$400 parts and also fluids. Otherwise that company will cost over $1000 in ~ the dealer.I knew the new CRV would not to compare to ours SX, which we bought to replace a VUE. The features and power because that the cost along with the warranty make it a no brainer....
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