Kenwood radios room high-quality entertainment tools for her vehicle. Yet due come its protection features, they can obtain locked for number of reasons.

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Have you locked her Kenwood radio? If yes, girlfriend can quickly use a far to unlock the device. However, if the controller goes missing or faulty, you might have to discover other means to open the receiver.

As expected, there space easy ways to do this task without utilizing the controller. In this article, friend can uncover these tips and use lock to occupational on various Kenwood radio models.

Luckily, this hacks carry out not involve much work. Therefore if you want to know exactly how to unlock a Kenwood radio there is no a controller, let’s acquire started.


How to Unlock a Kenwood Radio without Remote

Kenwood radios have attributes that deserve to lock them and protect them. Thus option, girlfriend will have actually to kind in a password on the an equipment before using it. Now right here are several ways that you can unlock your Kenwood radio without utilizing a remote manage button.

1. Unlock the Kenwood KDC MP238 Radio via Default Code

The Kenwood KDC MP238 is a auto CD/Mp3 player. To guard versus theft, this an equipment requires a code before it supplies full access to the user. If you want to unlock this machine without a remote, shot the complying with steps:-

Turn on the radio and also wait for the get in Code promptPress the Up button ( on the stereo) to get in the an initial number of your password or the default code (3051).Press the Right button to move to the next space. Climate hit the Up button to go into a brand-new figure. Repeat this pattern till you reach the last figure.When you obtain to the last number, organize the Up button for a couple of seconds.Wait for “Approved” to display on the radio’s screen before removing your finger

2. Unlock the Kenwood Multimedia through a desktop App

Kenwood multimedia system consists of devices that can aid travel or game the citizens of the vehicle. With this in mind, friend can uncover an HD radio tuner ~ above this Kenwood product. If the device becomes locked, you deserve to use a simple desktop app to open up it.

Hold the finger in ~ the bottom left corner of the screen.Wait because that a blue dialog box through the serial and also security code organization inquiry number.Open the SD automobile Master Pro application on your computerClick ~ above the Calculator button and also select Kenwood calculatorEnter the serial and security password number right into the detailed spacesScroll downwards and hit CalculateWrite under the an outcome on a piece of paper ( the result is the correct password)Type the figures on the keypad that the Kenwood multimedia system. If your an outcome from the calculator is 3246789, type 3246789 on the multimedia keypadHit enter to open up the system and also go come the radio.

3. Exactly how to use the Reset button to Unlock the Kenwood Radio

If girlfriend are looking for another way to unlock her Kenwood radio, friend might try the Reset switch at the back of the radio. You can start by getting a pointed device to push the button. Then allow the Kenwood radio come restart.

4. Contact the organization Centre

If you have actually lost your remote, it would aid if you talked to the Kenwood customer organization center. ~ all, this ar offers a wealth of details for solving miscellaneous Kenwood radio problems. To acquire the ideal advice for your model, provide the facility with the correct model number and other details.

5. Visit a neighborhood Professional

A pilgrimage to a local automotive audio installation center can aid with your locked Kenwood radio. When it comes under to it, such areas have specialists that can resolve the most safeguarded Kenwood tuners.

Can I try Wrong codes On my Locked Kenwood Radio?

No, do not entry multiple wrong codes on a locked Kenwood radio. As soon as you go into these values, the system removes the prompt thereby preventing the user indigenous typing an ext codes.

How deserve to I gain the right Codes to Unlock my Kenwood Radio?

If you bought a supplied car, you might end up v a locked Kenwood radio. Due to the fact that most sellers forget to unlock your radios or carry out the codes, you will have to discover the right defense codes.

You can start by check the owner’s manual of the vehicle. If girlfriend can’t find a manual, look roughly the radio for any type of scratched or tape-recorded numbers.

Are there common Codes that deserve to Unlock mine Kenwood Radio?

Even if you have actually a remote for her radio, it cannot open up the machine without using the right codes. If you don’t know the password for your Kenwood radio, girlfriend can shot the adhering to codes.


This code is famous with most Kenwood users. So if you desire to unlock the Kenwood radio the a provided car, these numbers might save the day.


This code can be uncovered on any Kenwood radio manual. V this in mind, the stands together a default password for many Kenwood car radios.


If her Kenwood design supports letters, you can shot this code. After ~ all, this set of letters serve as a “backdoor” because that unlocking many Kenwood automobile radios.

Why Does my Kenwood Radio become Locked?

Kenwood receivers come to be locked to safeguard them from theft. So if these devices get stolen, the thief cannot accessibility the machine without utilizing the four-figure code.

Final Words

It is common for a Kenwood radio to obtain locked. But if friend don’t have actually a remote, unlocking it could be tedious. V this in mind, it would be less complicated if you gained a compatible remote.

You can find a instead of on most offline and online stores. Besides, they room affordable while offering good features.

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If girlfriend don’t desire to gain a brand-new remote, you can reset the automobile radio or kind in default codes to the device. Furthermore, you can likewise get “unlocking” advice from a client center.