With 32 year of experience, Ken Bernard continues to be passionate about every client, regardless of the dimension of the case. He has been connected in numerous successful million and multi-million dollar personal injury resolutions, however still rolls increase his sleeves and engages each client’s situation individually, regardless of the dimension of the case.

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Ken Bernard prospered up in Douglas County, graduated from the university of Georgia and the college of Georgia institution of Law, and also voluntarily served his nation with difference in the U.S. Naval Corps together a referee Advocate general (JAG), wherein he attained the rank of Captain during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

At the university of Georgia, Ken would become close friends v his future regulation partner, john Sherrod. They mutual a vision not only of futures in law yet in creating their own law firm to assist injury victims and also their families.

During Ken’s organization in the Corps, he and John Sherrod continued to be close and also talked frequently around the vision they had actually as undergrads to create a regulation firm. Once he left active duty in 1992 and also returned come Georgia, Ken made the decision to offer his ar by providing first class representation to hurt people.

“I to be looking out the glass of one of the tallest structures in Atlanta,” he recalls, “and I said to myself, ‘This really isn’t me.’ “That’s as soon as I cursed to come residence to West Georgia and also take a was standing for civilization that needed a lawyer; ns cared around their needs and the demands of your families.”

Sherrod & bernard was introduced in 1992 v the mission to carry out superior legal services with a neighborly touch.

“Our emphasis is: friend don’t need to go Atlanta to obtain the best lawyer. We’re help our neighbors, ours friends, the people we coached, and also the world we go to church with, for this reason they have the right to stay close to home and also get the an individual attention castle deserve with the highest level of professional company anywhere.”

Ken’s practice concentrates on every kinds of personal injury cases, including car, truck and motorcycle accidents, product liability, and wrongful death cases. “My project is to aid those injured because of someone else’s negligence, and also to shoulder mine client’s worries, while acquiring them simply compensation.” He has obtained many million dissension resolutions on instead of of his clients.

Ken has actually represented many victims that distracted driving and DUI accidents. He was successful recently in acquiring a seven number resolution for an elderly couple involved in a catastrophic wreck brought about by a distracted teenager. “My clients become component of mine family. Ns feel your pain and also struggles.”

One the his an individual career highlights to be his authorized in the wrongful fatality claim versus General Motors entailing a defective ignition switch. The legal activity resulted in a far-reaching confidential settlement and the remind of numerous vehicles, i beg your pardon saved various other people’s lives.

Ken is a former member that the University mechanism of Georgia board of Regents, where he served on the Executive and Compensation Committee; Chairman that the Organization and Law Committee (which monitor the legit affairs of the 31 publicly universities and also colleges in Georgia); Chairman of the Finance and Business operations Committee; Chairman that the Committee on internal Audit, Risk, and also Compliance; and also Chairman the the wellness Professions and Education Committee. He offered 3 terms as Chairman the the University mechanism of Georgia Foundation, Inc.

Ken formerly served as a unique Assistant attorney General; Chairman that the maritime Corps association of Georgia Lawyers; Vice-Chairman of the Georgia regional Transportation government (GRTA), and as a member of the Governor’s development Council (GDC). The is a previous member that the plank of Governors of the State Bar of Georgia and also served top top the audit committee (past member judicial evaluations committee). He is likewise a member that the southerly Trial Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, Georgia Bar Association, Douglas county Bar Association, and also a previous member the the national Association of College and also University Attorneys.

Ken has actually been awarded countless awards over the previous 31 years. The many recent encompass the 2018 Martindale many Honored experienced Award and also the 2018 Avvo height Rated Lawyer Award.

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In enhancement to his work on behalf of clients, Ken serves the community in other means as well. He chairs the Douglas County chamber of Commerce’s playthings for Tots program and joined with his law partner in offering disaster relief to residents who were harmed by Hurricane Michael.

He has likewise served together a youth sporting activities coach in the community and also enjoys analysis — particularly background books — and spending time with his family.

“We care about people in this community in West Georgia,” he says. “And while we have instances all end the state — and also some out of state — yes something around being a contributor to her community and also helping world at times when they’re stressed the most. I want to be their neighbor lawyer, I want to be the guy who lock think the in their ar that they desire by their side.”