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What have the right to be said around a vehicle that is therefore meticulously planned and also assembled, therefore absolutely finish in its attention to detail and also so completely satisfying to own that it renders the search of perfection almost seem mundane? You could say it probably expenses a happiness or that only a select few will ever before be built, yet you"d be wrong ~ above both counts. The car we room describing is the Honda Accord sedan, and also last time us checked, it to be not only affordable, but plentiful together well. For 2004, the Accord tote on in both sedan and coupe form; this mix used come be popular in the household sedan arena, yet now just one other car company—Toyota—offers the buyers the choice. Sedans traditionally outsell your coupe counterparts by a broad margin and so is the situation with the Accord. Yet the Accord sedan"s spicy exterior and high rear-end give it a very coupe like appearance, specifically when perceived from the front angle. Honda uses the Accord in 3 trim levels: DX, LX and EX. A walk roughly the Accord discover a handsome shape augmented through the perfect fit and also finish of its body panels, glass and light assemblies. The Accord"s inner enjoys an same high level the quality, with considerable looking plastic pieces and also soft touch padding on the dash and also door panels. The instrument panel is clean, modern and completely functional with a brightly illuminated center pod that homes the speedometer, tach, fuel and temperature gauges. A standard tilt/telescopic steering wheel help you discover the perfect driving position as do the firm vast seats. You"ll uncover the audio, heater controls and optional onboard navigation display all reside in the facility stack, activate by intuitively placed rotary controls. On details LX and EX trims, you"ll discover steering wheel-mounted audio controls that enable you to do adjustments to either volume or station settings without having actually to eliminate your hand from the wheel. If you go all out, you deserve to order your Accord through the V6, animal leather seating and also a yes, really cool voice-activated navigating unit. As far as family members sedans go, the Accord is hard to beat. It"s roomy enough inside to fit five people and yet it"s booked exterior dimensions enable for easy maneuverability. Together for luggage space, you"ll find that Honda has given the Accord"s deep tribe a wide-mouth opening and also low lift-over ledge for simple loading. Security is likewise a high priority with Honda, despite we"d choose to view the optional front side-impact and side-curtain airbags made obtainable across the line and not just on the EX trims. The conventional engine for all Accord models is the marvelous 2.4-liter four-cylinder, maybe the finest built, smoothest running four-cylinder ~ above the planet. Counter-rotating balance shafts space employed come quell the vibrations commonly associated with small four-cylinder engines and also with a durable 160 speech at hand, the 2.4-liter have the right to move the Accord through surprising speed while return an EPA fuel economy rating the 26-mpg city and 34-mpg highway. Best of all, the 2.4-liter is rated as a super Ultra low Emission auto (SULEV) and the special California Partial Zero Emissions car (PZEV) will now be available in the claims of Massachusetts, Maine, brand-new York and also Vermont. For those that desire the all-out power power only a V6 can provide, Honda supplies its 200-horsepower 3.0-liter engine together an option on the LX and also EX trims. As with its four-cylinder counterpart, the 3.0 runs together smooth together glass, emits very low emissions and also returns a relatively respectable fuel rating that 21-mpg city and 30-mpg highway. All four-cylinder Accords come standard through a silky five-speed hand-operated transmission if the V6 models acquire a new five-speed automatically (optional top top the four-cylinder models.) We specifically like the manual version and recommend it because that those who enjoy much more spirited driving. Despite the V6 is faster, there is tho something come be said for milking every fall of the engine"s power by rowing your very own gears. The DX and LX models market smaller wheel and tire packages that rather limit the Accord"s racy intent, however the typical setup is simply fine for daily driving. As you"d mean with Honda, the Accord"s steering is point out on, its brakes are great (for a disc/drum setup) and also its chassis dynamics remainder harmoniously between comfortable ride and also agile handling. The standard equipment list because that the DX trim contains power windows and also door locks, dual remote mirrors, tilt/telescopic steering wheel, air conditioning, AM/FM stereo through CD, behind defroster, overhead map light and a facility console armrest through storage. The LX adds to this human body colored mirrors, far keyless entry, upgraded audio, height adjustable driver"s seat and remote trunk release.

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The EX and EX V6 sell a leather package, boil seats, power glass moonroof, 16-inch alloy wheels and also the on-board navigating system.

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