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GenderIn all the statistics population, the male population is 1,878, the female populace is 501.Male Population: 1,878Female Population: 501RaceIn all the statistical population, the White population is 1,801, the Black population is 405, the Hispanic population is 271, the Asian population is 155, the Hawaiian population is 28, the Indian Ppopulation is 46 and also Other populace is 71.White Population: 1,801Black Population: 405Hispanic Population: 271Asian Population: 155Hawaiian Population: 28Indian Population: 46Other Population: 71AgeThe median age for ZIP code 39534 is 20.8 year old, of i m sorry the median age of men is 20.8 years old, and the median period of females is 20.6 year old.Age"s Median: 20.8Median of masculine age: 20.8Median of woman age: 20.6Households because that ZIP password 39534ZIP code 39534 has 0 households, with an average number of 0.00 persons per household. The average revenue per household in Zip password 39534 is 0 USD, and the average residence value is 0 USD.Households per Zipcode: 0Persons every Household: 0.00Average house Value: 0Income per Household: 0GeographicThe latitude of the Zip password 39534 is 30.408991, the longitude is -88.921304, and the key is 20. It has land area the 1.614 square miles, and water area that 0.003 square miles. The moment zone because that ZIP password 39534 is main (GMT -06:00). Daylight saving time need to be observed in the area where the zip password is located.Latitude: 30.408991Longitude: -88.921304Elevation: 20Land Area: 1.614Water Area: 0.003Time Zone: central (GMT -06:00) Region: southern Division: eastern South CentralDay irradiate Saving: YCongressional DistrictThe Congressional district for ZIP code 39534 is Mississippi"s 04th congressional district, the congressional Land Area is 8044.48 square mile.Congressional District: 04thCongressional floor Area: 8044.48DeliveryIn the ZIP password 39534, there space 0 residential shipment mailboxes and centralized units, and 0 commercial shipment mailbox and centralized units, 0 solitary family deliveries and 0 multifamily deliveries, and also the box count is 98. The main write-up office has actually city shipment carrier paths for the ZIP code 39534.Delivery Residential: 0Delivery Business: 0Delivery Total: 98Single Family distribution Units: 0Multi Family shipment Units: 0City shipment Indicator: YBusinessIn ZIP password 39534, the variety of business is 41, the number of employee is 2,870, the business first quarter payroll is 38,765,000 USD, the business yearly payroll is 155,394,000 USD.Number that Businesses: 41Number of Employees: 2,870Business an initial Quarter Payroll: 38,765,000Business annual Payroll: 155,394,000Social security BenefitsThere are 15 beneficiaries v benefits in current-payment status for ZIP code 39534, of which 10 are retired workers, 0 are disabled workers, 5 space widow(er)s and also parents, 0 are spouses and also 0 room children. The number of beneficiaries age 65 or larger is 15. The full monthly benefits room 21,000 USD, of i beg your pardon 17,000 USD for retired workers, 4,000 USD for widow(er)s and also parents.

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Total Number: 15Retired workers Number: 10Disabled employees Number: 0Widow(er)s and parents Number: 5Spouses Number: 0Children Number: 0All beneficiaries every month: 21,000Retired workers per month: 17,000Widow(er)s and parents every month: 4,000Number of beneficiaries age 65 or older: 15 an ext Information

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