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does any type of one recognize the belt size and routing for a 46" reduced 214 this is my third day owning mine and the belt damaged on it

------------------------------------------2017 1025R v 120R loader, 47" Blower and also Curtis CabSTX38 (yellow deck)345 48C Deck, 42" Blower, Curtis Cab (sold)345 Blower in action here:

John M, Lodi.NY79 314 cozy cab/54 tongue 73 140 H3 My eye duty videos 80 dare , cozy cab,patio 54 blade, rear PTOs,Two 33 tillers, two sleeve hitch,2 10"Brinly plows.7-8 mower decks,54 facility blade-HYD angle

Current three running JD 322"s , Former: 2 JD 318"s one for parts only, JD 216, JD 212, 1965 JD 110My videos: to my mam Joanna, 36 years of Marriage! (died Sept. 21, 2019)

thanks i evaluate the aid i obtained it now i called the neighborhood dealer and it take it them a while but they faxed me a diagram and the belt dimension thanks again because that the help
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2004 GX335, 48C mower, powerflow 7 bu. Bagger, 42 snowthrower, 30 mech. Tiller, 48 blade, 80 recording cart.
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