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composed by Kevin Mercadante
Whenever the us Mint come up v a new concept because that circulating coins, that inspires a brand-new bunch the collectors and investors. That has definitely happened through the Presidential dollar Series, which started in 2007.

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First impressions of the George Washington $1 coins were luke warm, however then collectors started finding out errors. In part coins mostly originating from northern Florida, the lettering top top the edge to be missing. Whether intentional or not, the Mint’s absence of quality regulate helped fuel a frenzy top top eBay, in which people were offering error coins because that well over face value.

A recent search on eBay shows the coins typically selling in the $2 come $3 range, yet you’ll additionally find error coins available for hundreds more.. Meanwhile, unopened, uncirculated coin rolls are being readily available between $30 and $40.

USA Coin publication is mirroring a comparable price variety of between $2 and $3, some also with free shipping. The much more commonly produced coins aren’t fetching much of a premium.

There room a couple of problems that are working against the opportunity of do money on man Adams $1 coins:

over there is a consensus amongst collectors the the Adams coin has a better design 보다 the Washington. It appears that human being may hoard the coins, creating solid demand among collectors. This could make it an ext collectible. The Washington coins have drawn a lot of attention, which may be about the errors or even around the series itself. Either way, the Washingtons might be drawing at least some added interest come the man Adams coins. Because of the situation with errors in the Washington coins, the Mint has allegedly functioned to increase its quality control to avoid the very same outcome.

Despite this, if you do some fast research, you’ll read around doubled leaf lettering top top the man Adams coins.The error isn’t as usual as the was with the Washington smooth sheet (no lettering), make this the coin most likely to make money for the owner. Unfortunately, it’s much less likely you have one offered that it’s much less common.

If you decision to “invest” in a roll of john Adams coins, friend may consider opening any rolls you’re not interested in collecting because that yourself and also check for errors.

If you find one or two coins the do have actually errors, I’d recommend placing it up because that sale as shortly as possible. That will give you a identify return, due to the fact that collectors are zeroing in ~ above the error coins. If you have several, you can sell a couple of them because that a quick profit. You have the right to hold the others because that potential permanent appreciation. That will keep you extended either way.

The errors in the Washington coins to be common, which means there room plenty floating around–probably too countless for there to be any type of real profit potential. Meanwhile, the doubled lettering top top the john Adams dollar seems to be sufficiently rarely to generate nice premiums.

While this isn’t certain to Adams dollars, if girlfriend go through your rolls and find a coin struck through grease in ~ the mint, i beg your pardon is thought about by some as an error, you may have actually some luck making a profit through it top top eBay.

It may be a minor error, but it’s sufficient to generate a an extensive premium on one otherwise perfect coin. Minus the error, the coins would be precious no an ext than challenge value.

All this being said, you can probably make a tiny profit on every unopened uncirculated roll by offering them currently on eBay, specifically if you often tend to overcharge because that “shipping and also handling” like many eBay-ers. Because that me, this small profit (maybe $5 a roll) wouldn’t be precious it, to add I would certainly feel favor I’m take it someone turn off by offering them something castle can conveniently get at your own bank for challenge value.

I’d strongly indicate spending part time exploring the comment on the Collectors’ Universe message Boards.Since the forums room run by the grading servicePCGS,you’ll acquire a chance to discover from few of the peak dealers and collectors, who deserve to offer proposal on the best ways to sell the coins ~ above eBay and other sites. I’d likewise be top top the lookout because that spam comments. There may be forum members weighing in just to attract attention come their own auctions. Continuous contributors top top the forum allude out misleading listings with various scams and also tactics. If you’re brand-new to coin collecting, the forums are required reading.

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So the john Adams hasn’t drawn the attention I originally thought that would. However there does seem to be far-reaching profit potential in the coins with errors. It’s worth staying on height of events. If you can obtain coins or rolls at confront value or slightly above, then examine them for errors, you can make a quite profit. And also the people that are error-free have the right to be resold because that the walk rate, to recoup your investment.