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Jamaican bobsled songby Rosemarie Gordon-Cole

“Nuff civilization say they understand they can’t believe, Jamaica we have a bobsled team”. That is the an initial line the the J"can bobsled song :-)

Imagine a country where the mean temperature throughout the year is  in the high twenty levels Celsius, never had snow- however has a bobsled team! This I believe is irony in ~ its best.

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The song is a component of the soundtrack for the 1993 comedy movie “Cool Runnings” composed by Lynn Siefert, Leon Robinson and Doug E. Doug.

It tells the true story that the four durable Jamaicans who, with the help of Irving “Irv” Blitzer one American disgraced bobsled gold medalist the was disqualified and also came come Jamaica come “chill out”, defy every odds by beginning the 1988 Winter Olympic games in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Below is the song.

Lyrics that the Jamaican Bobsled song that was referred to as the “bobsled chant”

Nuff people say they know they can’t believeJamaica we have actually a bobsled team(Repeat once)We have the one DericeAnd the one JrYule BrennerAnd the guy SankaThe faster of the faster of Jamaican sprintersGo to olympicsFight for Jamaica(repeat every little thing except for that last part)The fastest of the fastest of Jamaican sprintersRespect to the man irv blitser.

It was created by Malik Yoba that played Irving “Irv” Blitzer the team coach.

The track is about now unbelievable it was the a team of Jamaicans who have never proficient snow, controlled to step out of their comfort zone come prove exactly how pliant we Jamaicans have the right to be.

This passionate screen of strength and “stick-to-it-tivity” bought them a place in the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. The team included; Derice, jr, Yule Brenner, Sanka and coach irv Blitser.

The team members described in the song are actually story bound and also were played by:

Derice Bannock ‘Derice’ play by Loen Robinson
Sanka Coffie ‘sanka’ play by Doug E. DougJunior Bevil ‘jr’ played by Rawl D. LewisYul Brenner played by Malik YobaAnd Irving ‘irv’ Blitser play by john Candy

The an initial original Jamaican bobsled team in actual life consists of:

Devon HarrisDudley StokesMichael WhiteAnd Samuel Clayton

And was coached through Howard Siler native the US.The track was excellent by a team of ladies called “Worl-A-Girl”. They space a i know well hop group with a R&B and reggae flavor. The

Jamaican Bobsled chant was among their most well-known recordings.

If you have actually never checked out the movie, this would be a great time, ns leave you with this quote native the movie;(Sanka reveals a hot water party nestled under is shirt) Derice: i can’t believe you’re still cold mon.Sanka:Cold? ns freezing my royal Rastafarian nay-nays off!

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