I truly think that Yugi is Atem’s reincarnation. Currently you could argue, “Atem was sealed inside the Millennium Puzzle, he couldn’t it is in reincarnated.” however really, stranger things have happened in the show. Either way, Atem technically passed away that day. Because he to be the one that sealed his soul away, just “he” could reassemble it. Ishizu claimed Yugi was the contemporary day variation of Atem in the dub, however I understand that’s not rather proof enough. In situation you need much more convincing, I’ve collection up a couple of points. (don’t worry, no spoiler from DSoD)

Physical AppearanceOne, the hair. Something favor that doesn’t simply happen, also in the Yugioh universe. It does cracked me up once people allude it out. Yugi’s is slightly different, but overall the same. But that’s simply one point. In Dark next of Dimensions, Yugi has actually gone v a big physical change. In the time because separating from Atem, Yugi has grown taller, his body is much more tone, and even his eyes have become much more angled. That is looking much more like Atem. Ns would likewise like to allude out Bakura doesn’t look specifically like his ancient counterpart as well.I think this readjust would right his emotional growth. Yugi constantly lacked confidence, however being v his spirit companion taught him to be brave. However, the still relied top top Atem a lot. He want to be simply as solid as that is. Currently that Atem’s soul has moved on, Yugi realizes he needs to be solid on his own. He is now finally able to believe in his own strength. For this reason his growth.There’s also their voices. In the flashbacks, Atem sounded choose Yugi. And also when we witnessed an enlarge Yugi in GX, the sounded favor Atem. Yes, i know. Same voice actor, however still.

Dark MagicianFrom the really beginning that the series, we knew that the Dark Magician to be Yugi’s favorite monster, long before we knew that this well known Spellcaster was. Yugi himself has actually a link with this card, as with Kaiba does through his Blue Eyes. I deserve to totally snapshot him obtaining excited around seeing that card because that the first time.Yugi has actually been seen using Dark Magician without Atem around, even if it wasn’t every often. Remember ago when he and Shadi were wandering in the puzzle labyrinth? they were around to be assaulted by the Dark Magician, however Yugi regulated to convince him they intended no harm. That listens to Yugi as with he listens come Atem. In the legendary Heroes mini arc, when Yugi is around to it is in attack, the Dark Magician concerned his rescue without being called. He experienced Yugi was in trouble and reacted. Also if the bond isn’t as solid as the one through Atem, it’s still there.

Self-SacrificingWhat i cannot emphasize enough is how both Yugi and Atem space willing to sacrifice themselves because that others. Their friends mean more to them 보다 anything else. Atem literally offered his life to avoid Zorc in the past. Not to mention having all those angered spirits from Kul Elna go into his body because that judgement which can have killed. And also Yugi is no different. That can’t was standing the believed of his friends getting hurt. The made the exact same play a couple of times himself, most notably because that Joey and Atem. Yugi was willing to let self be dragged into the ocean and also have his spirit taken rather than his two finest friends endure the same fate. These two really overwhelm you v feels!

Fear of gift AloneYugi solid had any friends before he addressed the Millennium Puzzle, if any. He had actually been alone because that so long. Every he wanted was friends, however felt he might make any. Of every the points he can have wished for on the Puzzle, it to be friends. As we have seen in later on seasons, Atem also hates being alone together well. The was specifically emphasized in the Doma arc. City hall his friends being taken away toke a good toll on him. Also in the past, the priests provided their lives for him. As he watched, also though he had no storage of them, that was tough for him to relive it.

Yugi was favored by the Puzzle, as with how the Ring determined Bakura to proceed to lug the fragment of Zorc’s soul, though ns bet several of the thief King’s soul was in there too. Also, while Kaiba never possessed the Millennium Rod, it reaction to him because it to be his in a ahead life. The is why Yugi is maybe to carry Atem’s soul. It’s his old counterpart. And he call the pharaoh “Other Me” in the original. Not just because he lives in his heart. So it kind of makes sense.I would favor to also point out how the legendary Knights looked practically identical to their favored Duelist. Perhaps it’s one more past life thing? they were humans before, and also so what if they had actually magic powers? they didn’t yes, really die, so why must Atem not be reincarnated when he did?

Yes, everyone has their very own opinion. You can still say I’m wrong, but we have never gained an yes, really confirmation that this isn’t true.

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I will certainly stand by my belief.