How carry out I understand the difference in between homogenous and heterogenous mixtures? Example: Why would vodka it is in homogenous?
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Homogeneous mixture

Homo = same

In a homogeneous mixture, us cannot differentiate its materials easily, the appearance and composition is uniform

instance = Salt solution, us cannot easily distinguish salt and also water in the same method sugar solution and also even vodka is additionally a homogeneous mixture since it is product...

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Homogeneous mixture

Homo = same

In a homogeneous mixture, we cannot differentiate its components easily, the appearance and composition is uniform

Example = Salt solution, we cannot easily distinguish salt and water in the same way sugar solution and even vodka is likewise a homogeneous mixture since it is product of neutral distillation that sprit the is ethanol add to water.

Heterogeneous mixture

Hetero = different

In heterogeneous mixture we have the right to distinguish various components, basic to differentiate.

Example = sand and also water, sand is not miscible in water thus quickly distinguishable, and mixture that water and also petrol is also a heterogeneous mixture whereby the materials are quickly visible.

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