Q: How plenty of albums has actually Vertical Horizon released and also what room they?

A: vertical Horizon has actually released four albums over a duration of 7 years. Their indie debut album, There and earlier Again, was tape-recorded in 1992. The featured just Matt and also Keith and was videotaped at the studio of Matt"s old high school, Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, MA. Track Listing:

trying to find Purpose Children"s Lullaby Footprints in the snow Love"s light The mountain Song Prayer for an Innocent guy Lines ~ above Your challenge Willingly top top the Sea Liberty

In 1995, upright Horizon exit their 2nd indie album, Running ~ above Ice. For their sophomore effort, Keith and also Matt enlisted the assist of guest musician to obtain a more full band sound. Guest musicians contained Cary Pierce and Jack O"Neill the the currently defunct Jackopierce, The Empty"s" drummer Leland Nakamura, Steve Sidley on bass, and Dave Matthews band drummer Carter Beauford. Running on Ice was taped in Rutabaga Studios in Arlington, VA. Track Listing:

love in Hand wash Away pieces famous The male Who would certainly Be Santa point of view Without wings answer Me Life in the City Japan speak to it even Sunrays and also Saturdays Candyman Falling down Goodnight My friend * Reprise (Hidden Track)

The follow up to Running on ice was their live album aptly title Live Stages released in 1996. Released on Rhythmic Records, the album was taped on the fifth and 6th of September at among the band"s favorite venues, Ziggy"s in Winston-Salem, NC. Live Stages functions both song from the previous 2 albums and some new songs. This to be the first album to attribute drummer, Ed Toth. Track Listing:

The man Who would Be Santa The drive Falling under top top the Sea Japan It"s only Me Candyman pieces The Unchosen One heart in Hand to wash Away great Divide

After signing through RCA records, RCA re-released the band"s three previous albums with new artwork in January of 1999. In June that the same year, they exit their significant label debut, Everything friend Want. This is the first album that contains all four existing members of vertical Horizon. Monitor Listing:

We are You"re a God every little thing You want best I ever before Had (Grey sky Morning) You say recognize Me miracle Send it up give You earlier all of You bound

After three years, the tape is set to release their follow up to their major label relax on September 24, 2002. Now Vertical Horizon"s members have toured and also played with each other extsnsively, the next album, licensed has been granted Go, hopes to present a growth and also progression in their music. The tape has declared that this album will have a "just walk for it" mentality. "It"s a really active word. A many the themes in these song are about taking manage of her life and also living that the means you want to live it, and acting and also doing and also not just talking and thinking about it. It"s really vital in the large sense in a post-9/11 civilization to make certain we all live our life in a way where we feel great about it," declared Matt Scannell. "There are definitely messages within some of the song at certain points top top the album that resolve feelings that loss and those species of emotions, and also some feeling of, "Hey, I desire to acquire up and dust myself off and get on through my life.

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Both the those might be seen as viable and also relevant reactions to 9/11" (MTV.com) Potential tracks inlclude:

Forever Inside when You Cry Sunshine Underwater



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