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I just did my fuel pump in my 2004. That accessibility panel provides it a piece of cake. All vehicles shoud have that.
Hey males what around Escape 2005? I currently remove the covering of the tank and I can see the pump inside the tank yet I can"t take the end already try to eliminate by hand however it is resolved inside the tank

You have to unscrew the big plastic lock-ring at the top of pump after disconnecting the two fuel lines, then it will certainly lift appropriate out.

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Hello guys thanks for you information however in the video clip show different model the pump my Escape 2005 XLT after eliminate the covering of the tank the pump didn"t coming the end of the tank and also it is due to the fact that has a structure inside the tank and also it has 2 clips that must be offhanded to remove the pump native the tank I notice those clips in one picture of the pump in the web, I already replace my fuel pump is an extremely easy :wave: Regards... :rockon:
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