Urban tv was booming ago in the day. Indigenous the 1990s onward, viewers had actually absolute bangers of shows featuring black color talent conquering the airwaves. Through shows favor "The Wayans Bros.," "The Parkers," and "Martin," network tv boasted a plethora that iconic and also culture-defining programming way back when. One more landmark television routine (and one the unfortunately it s okay left the end of the conversation an ext often than not) to be The WB"s (remember that channel?!) "The Steve Harvey Show."

Credited with helping skyrocket the careers the Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer, "The Steve Harvey Show" to be a hidden gem sitcom that highlighted the bustling friendship in between Steve Hightower (a fictionalized variation of Harvey) and Cedric Jackie Robinson (an noticeable interpolation that the actor and the late baseball great). The fictitious sitcom complied with Hightower, a funk legend-turned-high college music teacher, navigating daily life at Booker T. Washington High School, while working alongside best friend Robinson. And also though the pair had impeccable onscreen chemistry as BFFs — hijinks and all — plenty of have wondered, room the comedic duo friends in actual life?

Well, happy for you, we"ve got you covered. Scroll on come learn an ext about Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer"s friendship!

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In instance you to be wondering, Steve Harvey and Cedric the entertainment artist are friends! The 2 comedic stars actually come up in the industry together, with Cedric noting that it was Harvey that afforded him his huge break in the beforehand stages of his career. Talking to TV floor in 2012, Cedric talked about meeting Harvey "early" in his career prior to the "Family Feud" host was humorously "non-Hollywood." In the interview, Cedric prefaced the story, "I remained in Dallas stuck, didn"t have any kind of money Steve to be doing a comedy night."

He climate talked about how Harvey"s headliner to be "bombing" in ~ the moment, leading to the game display host giving Cedric "five minutes" on stage. "I rocked it, I eliminated it," Cedric stated with a smile, which resulted in Harvey inviting him much more as the headliner consistently failed. "I don"t ever really wish poor on an additional comedian, yet every night i would simply be putting a hex ~ above this dude," Cedric jokingly added.

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Eventually, the 2 came up as part of the "Original queens of Comedy," which likewise featured D.L. Hughley and the late, an excellent Bernie Mac. In 2020, Harvey and Cedric shared a touching moment on "Family Feud," when the hold put the pressure on Cedric to provide the ideal answer. "Bernie"s watching," Harvey said a visibly exasperated Cedric, that ultimately yielded the exactly answer.

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At the revolve of the century, the world finally got to evil Steve Harvey and Cedric the entertainer in complete form. In 2000, the Spike Lee-directed film, "The Original emperors of Comedy," was released in theater to vital acclaim. In the film, pan bore witness to the likes of Harvey, Cedric, D.L. Hughley, and also Bernie Mac — four Black comedians — all offering their humorous takes ~ above topics, together as gyeongju relations, black culture, and family.

In a 2020 interview through the Los Angeles Times, Cedric reflect on what was the 20-year anniversary because the film"s release. "e were all touring large individually, therefore to do something that felt so absent "n" role was so unique and also one of my favourite times in comedy for sure," Cedric stated. "he movie was so successful. I feel for this reason blessed come be component of a comedy present that had something to say," he continued.

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The comedian climate opined around a potential reunion, revealing the he "would it is in down" for one. Cedric revealed the he tried to coax Harvey out of stand-up retirement, stating, "I claimed to him, "Man, i think we can do a small "Kings" run. I understand you said you retirement from stand-up, yet you"re super funny and also one of the best, for this reason let"s absent one much more time and also do it because that Bernie." I"d love it to be one of the an initial things that could happen ~ COVID," the concluded.