I’ve constantly loved watching television. Instead of walking outside, I invested my days watching reruns that "Drake and Josh," "Hannah Montana," "The Suite Life the Zack and Cody" (later "The Suite Life ~ above Deck"), and also most importantly, "Zoey 101". I watched the show religiously. At any time a brand-new episode come out, ns demanded that no one was to interrupt me together I watched my first one true pairing, Zoey and Chase. The present gave me every the feels, and watching Zoey live her life at the fabulous Pacific coastline Academy, ns knew I had to attend that school.


Fast-forward come being embraced to the genuine life PCA, Pepperdine University. The minute i was welcomed I started Snapchatting the opened theme track of the show and replaced "Zoey 101" with "Caroline 101." as soon as you begin to attend Pepperdine, all you (OK, possibly it’s just me) can see is the unlimited "Zoey 101" references and locations. The graduate campus is not just the graduate campus, however is the home of my favorite fictional personalities from mine childhood. At any time you check out a scooter or motorcycle or whatever you children call them this days, you will do it Snapchat the to reference Zoey’s insanely cool Jet X.

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When I action onto Alumni Field, every I deserve to think around is playing disc golf versus juveniles, and also whenever i go come the HAWC to get something come drink, all i really want is the fictitious drink, Blix, however I have to settle because that Vitamin Water. In a sea of computer systems in Elkins, the lecture hall, i mindlessly search for a Pear computer. While Drake Bell doesn"t execute for "Spring Fling," the actual Drake does prevent by because that our basketball games, in addition to Paula Abdul and also Adam Sandler. Once you to visit Pepperdine, every you can think of (it’s open minded probably simply me) is every one of the "Zoey 101" references -- for much better or because that worse.


What yes, really happens as soon as you to visit Pepperdine is that you’ll say wherein you to visit college, and also people, if they identify the school name and the struggle show, will ask, “Isn’t that wherein Zoey 101 to be filmed? The actual PCA?” to which you get to smile and also say “yes.” you’ll hopelessly search for a friend group as rad as Zoey’s, finish with a follow Matthews to autumn in love with. (I haven’t found mine yet; you re welcome let me recognize if you discover a cute boy v busy hair who is insanely clumsy.)

Whenever i crave sushi, ns realize ns can’t amble over to episode Rox or have Chase supply it to mine dorm. Instead, I have to settle because that Zippie Cookie come be ceded to me; wait for episode Friday, which wake up on the very first Friday that the month; or I can eat once-frozen sushi from the HAWC. Ah, Pepperdine, ns love you, however sometimes i wish we were much more like PCA. In case any type of of you were wondering, our dorms don’t look choose that that, yet we do obtain ocean views. Human being are as rich as Logan Reese, however no one states “drippin’” prefer Michael, and also no one pretends to it is in goth choose Lola. There are human being like Nicole that attend school for their MRS degree, however that’s a different story.


What i have learned indigenous attending the real-life PCA is that dreams do come true. Each day ends v a miracle sunset, and also boys nothing wear your shirts when playing volleyball. Although my friend team isn’t the exact same as Zoey’s, it’s still an epos squad. Pepperdine is a bit an ext religious (OK, method more), and also instead that clubs like disc golf, we have sororities, however we do obtain to go abroad (even to London, however not to a prep school).

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Although occasionally I wish ns was a Stingray, ns couldn’t it is in happier to contact myself a wave at the real-life PCA.