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It's necessary to prepare for your colonoscopy the right means so your doctor has actually a clear see of her colon once they execute the exam. Part of that prep consists of following a clear liquid diet prior to your colonoscopy by sticking to foodstuffs like broth, sporting activities drinks and also ice pops.

Following a clear liquid diet before a colonoscopy way you have to only have foods items that are cost-free of solids and pulp and also that you deserve to see through, favor clear broth.

Consuming a clear fluid diet — along with prescribed laxatives — for the job or two prior to your colonoscopy helps clean out your intestines so your doctor has actually an unobstructed see of your colon, according to Harvard health and wellness Publishing. This diet also provides some energy, electrolytes and hydration come compensate for the laxatives, every the mayo Clinic.

So what's a clear liquid? It's any type of food or beverage that is transparent, rather of cloudy or opaque. This liquids need to not contain solids, favor pulp in juices. Clear broths because that colonoscopies should likewise be solid-free: for instance, soups without noodles or vegetables.

You'll typically additionally stick to a low-fiber diet complimentary of entirety grains, nuts and also raw produce in the few days before your colonoscopy to gain a head begin with emptying the end your GI tract, follow to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

How carry out you call if her liquid is clear enough? It should be see-through at room temperature, follow to MedlinePlus.

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While a clear fluid diet borders what you have the right to eat prior to a colonoscopy, friend don't just have to stick come water and also clear broth. Right here are some various other colonoscopy-friendly liquids and snacks, according to Harvard health Publishing:

Pulp-free juice like white grape or apple juiceElectrolyte sporting activities drinksClear sodas prefer ginger aleTea or coffee (without milk or cream)Ice pops or fruit iceClear tough candy like lemon dropsFruit-flavored gelatin or Jell-OClear soups and broths like vegetable, beef and also chicken broth or bouillon

It's important to note that the clear liquid diet because that colonoscopies is expected for temporary use only. When it offers some carbohydrate for fuel, it's an extremely low in protein, vital fats, vitamins and minerals, so friend shouldn't stay on the for more than a few days unless your physician recommends it, follow to the mayo Clinic. And also this kind of diet have to never be offered for load loss.


You must avoid milk before a colonoscopy since it could leave a residue on your intestines, making that harder for your medical professional to obtain a an excellent view.