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Dallas Cowboy legend Robert Newhouse died Tuesday of love disease. Newhouse to be a long-time resident of Merriman Park estates in Lake Highlands. He was 64.

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In a 2013 article, Dallas Morning News named Newhouse among the Cowboys’ All-Time finest Draft Picks. The was chosen by the Cowboys in the second round that the 1972 draft, and also he played with the team till his retirement in 1983. ~ his play days, he to be employed by the Cowboys in Alumni Relations.

At only 5’10” and also 209 pounds, the college of Houston graduate with enormous thighs was referred to as “The House” and also “The person Bowling Ball.” Newhouse to be the team’s fifth all-time top rusher and he led the Cowboys in rushing yardage in 1975 v 930 yards. He score 31 job touchdowns, and also he played in three Super Bowls.

In a current DMN article, Newhouse’s trick in the Backfield to be featured in a recap of the Six best Moments in Cowboys Super bowl History. The story recalls the pat in Super key XII, play in 1978 in brand-new Orleans’ Superdome, once Roger Staubach pitched Newhouse the ball and he moved to the left for a watch frill-free run. Newhouse take it a couple of steps and also stopped to litter the round 29 yards downfield to golden Richards because that a touchdown. The trick play gave the Cowboys a 27-10 lead and left the flatfooted defense stunned with only seven minutes staying in the game. Newhouse came to be the an initial running ago in supervisor Bowl background to complete a touchdown pass.

Robert endured a punch in 2010 yet was functioning in rehab come rebuild his battered body.

Robert and also his wife, Nancy, raised four children in LH: Roddrick, Reggie, Dawnyel and also Shawntel. Kid Reggie play football at Baylor and also for the Arizona Cardinals. Cousin Marshall play at TCU and is now a Cincinnati Bengal.

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Funeral arrangements are pending.

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