Judas Iscariot is just one of the most infamous numbers in the Bible. He is ideal known for betraying Jesus Christ with a kiss because that the amount of 30 pieces of silver. Judas committed suicide not lengthy after his horrendous deed. A lot of human being want to know what happened to Judas after that. Did Judas go to sky or hell?

The book of plot teaches that Judas saw hell as soon as he died, not heaven. The key statement, which was a euphemism for going come hell in the early church, is found in the prayer of the Apostles as soon as they asked God because that a replacement for Judas. Many scholars question whether Judas was ever a real believer.

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Where exactly does the scriptures teach that Judas saw hell? just how do different translations render the an essential description? exactly how does among the many reputable scholars on the book of plot today analyze the relevant phrase? Keep analysis to discover the answer to this questions and others.

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The book of acts teaches that Judas checked out hell once he died

Even though the death of Judas is recorded at the end of the Gospels, the publication of acts addresses it as well. After ~ Judas died, the 12 Apostles needed to replace him through a new man. Before they actors lots, which figured out Matthias as the replacement (1:26), the apostles prayed,

You, Lord, who understand the understanding of all, present which one of these two you have chosen to take it the ar in this ministry and also apostleship from which Judas turned next to go to his very own place.

Acts 1:24-25, ESV, focus added

The Apostles’ prayer reveals their id that Judas is in hell. The key line in the prayer the sheds light on Judas’s eternal fate is the he “turned aside to walk to his very own place” (ESV).

What does it mean that Judas “turned aside”? The Greek word (parabaino) analyzed “turned aside” (ESV) means “to revolve away” from or “to transgress.” The Greek native is only discovered two various other times in the new Testament and both times its analyzed “break” (Matt. 15:2-3, both occurrences, ESV). Other famous English translations render the phrase,

NIV, “Judas left to go where he belongs”NLT Judas has actually “gone where he belongs”KJV, “Judas by transgression fell, that he can go come his own place”NKJV, “Judas through transgression fell, that he might go come his own place”NASB, “Judas turned beside to walk to his own place”NRSV, “Judas turned aside to walk to his own place”Amplified, “Judas left to walk to his own place

How do scriptures scholars analyze Peter’s summary of Judas? many scholars believe that Judas was never a genuine believer. Judas knew Jesus, but didn’t truly put his faith in the or believe that he was the Messiah. (This might be in component why Judas criticized mar for her act of devotion. More below).

One scholar the the book of Acts, Darrell Bock, writes, Judas “appeared to it is in a monitor of Jesus but was not a genuine follower.” the continues,

The idea that Judas “went come his own place” argues a selection to be separate from the Eleven and also implies his judgment in hell. This is very early church euphemism for whereby one end up ~ death. To explain Judas as having gone “to his own place” means that he ended up in a different place from the Eleven, a euphemism for eternal judgment among the lost.” <1>

Some scholar on the book of Acts inquiry the certainty of the euphemism, yet generally agree the the implication of Judas gift in hell is a strong possibility.

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New testament facts around Judas Isacariot: call to Betrayal

Judas’s’ stare in the Gospels and also Acts starts with a call and ends in a disturbing and disgusting failure.

Facts about Judas
AppearanceJudas is pointed out in all 4 Gospels and also the publication of Acts
CallJesus referred to as Judas (e.g. Note 3:14); his surname often appears last in list of the 12
Origin“Iscariot” comes from a Hebrew word for a city in Moab
RoleTreasurer; “Some thought that, because Judas had the moneybag, Jesus was informing him, “Buy what we require for the feast,” or the he should give something to the poor” (John 13:29, ESV)
ReputationThief; “If anyone serves me, he have to follow me; and where ns am, there will certainly my servant it is in also. If anyone offer me, the Father will certainly honor him” (John 12:26, ESV)
RelationshipsCriticized mar for anointing Jesus’s feet through oil (John 12:2-5); “But Judas Iscariot, one of his hands-on worker (he that was around to betray him), said, 5“Why was this ointment not sold for 3 hundred denarii and given come the poor?” (John 12:3-5)
PossessionThe Gospel the Luke documents that Satan own Judas in preparation for his betrayal of Christ. “Then Satan gone into into Judas called Iscariot, who was the the variety of the twelve” (Luke 22:3, ESV).
NotorietyBetrays Jesus come the chief monk (Matt. 26:14-16; mark 14:10-11; Luke 22:3-6); “Then Judas Iscariot, that was among the twelve, checked out the chief clergymans in order to betray him to them. 11And once they heard it, they were glad and promised to offer him money. And he seek an possibility to betray him” (Mark 14:10-11, ESV).
RemorseJudas reverted the 30 piece of silver; “Then once Judas, his betrayer, saw that Jesus to be condemned, he changed his mind and brought ago the thirty piece of silver- to the cook priests and the elders, saying, ‘I have sinned by betraying innocent blood"” (Matt. 27:3-4a).
DeathJudas hanged himself (Matt. 27:5); Judas fell and died (Acts 1:18-19); common solution: Judas hung himself with a rope, i m sorry broke, and he fell to his death; “And throwing under the piece of silver right into the temple, that departed, and he went and hanged himself” (Matt. 27:5); “…and fall headlong that burst open in the middle and also all his bowels gushed out” (Acts :18b)

A stroke, from guilt, indigenous wrath, broke Judas’ heart into despair; a look indigenous love, indigenous Christ, broke Peter’s right into tears.

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George Swinnock, A Puritan gold Treasury

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