Q-My supermarket was marketing lettuce at a low price because it had been over there a while and had a few brown spots. I was wake up to buy it, even though I prefer a bargain, because of this spots. To be the lettuce for sure to eat? A-The brown clues on lettuce might be cosmetically undesirable, however they execute not do the lettuce unsafe come eat. The spots might be the result of a high warehouse temperature.

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Lettuce have to be stored at a fairly low temperature in one airtight container. Save on computer this way, some lettuce can be maintained for as long as three weeks.

Q-In one of your columns you created that also though over there is calcium in spinach, it`s yes, really not an excellent to count on spinach to provide calcium because only a small of it is took in by the body.

Because I have actually trouble digesting milk, i was hope I can get my calcium from something besides a dairy product. Do other vegetables act the exact same as spinach in offering calcium?

A-Kale, unequal spinach, is a good source the calcium. Apparently, spinach consists of compounds the limit the absorb of calcium, yet kale walk not. A cup that kale will provide at the very least 10 percent of the recommended dietary allowance of calcium for adults. Other vegetables that are a good source that calcium are mustard and also turnip greens, collards and also broccoli.

Q-I try to follow your advice about the best means to prepare vegetables, yet there room times once I have actually to cook vegetables in water also though I understand they shed some of your vitamins the way. Would certainly you have any kind of suggestions for keeping this loss together low as feasible when cooking vegetables?

A-Steaming vegetable is one alternative to boil them, and also would assist minimize the loss of nutrients. If friend do chef vegetables in water, I indicate you use a covered pan. This will certainly shorten the time it bring away the vegetables to cook, and also you will need less water.

Leafy vegetables, in particular, must be cook as little as possible, due to the fact that their big surface area reasons them to lose an ext of their nutritive value. You deserve to also assist preserve nutrients by food preparation vegetables whole and also then cutting them up, quite than by an initial cutting them up and then cooking them.

Q-I am planning to do a change in the way I prepare meals for my family, and once i make a change, I number I might too do it right. Among the first things I`m doing is cutting down on the amount of saturation fat I usage in cooking and baking, and also I`d like a perform of cooking oils that space unsaturated.

A-It is customary to refer to oils together being saturated, polyunsaturated or monounsaturated. In reality, however, no oil falls totally within among these categories. An evaluation of olive oil, because that example, will display that it is about 70 percent monounsaturated, 10 percent polyunsaturated and 15 percent saturated.

You are on the ideal track in emphasizing the use of very monounsaturated and also polyunsaturated oil in location of saturated fat such as butter and also lard. In addition to olive oil, oils low in saturation fat encompass corn, safflower and also sunflower.

Q-Would friend please comment on the relationship, if any, in between sugar in the diet and also heart disease? Does having actually a many sugar in the diet boost the possibilities of heart disease?

A-Population studies suggest there is no relationship in between sugar and also heart disease. Some nations that have actually a high sugar consumption have low rates of heart disease, and some countries with similar rates of intake of sugar have actually widely various rates of love disease.

It is well to remember, however, the sugar is crucial ingredient that cakes, pies and also other sweets that often tend to be high in fat and also cholesterol. Yet it go not show up that street is the culprit in this case.

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