I was asked not to wear a baseball lid in the church at a social task that was no in the chapel. I perform not check out a trouble if the on a mutual night or society activity. I would never wear the in the chapel. I have a big scar from brain surgery and prefer come wear my hat. I always remove for prayers. I have actually looked in the handbook and can’t discover anything that states hats must not it is in worn in church buildings.

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Dear John,

Wow. That sounds prefer you have actually gone through a lot of in life. Ns applaud you for making it through such a point as mind surgery, which us all recognize is incredibly complex and an extremely serious. Without discovering the factor for your mind surgery or just how long earlier it was, every I can tell you is that you space in every one of our prayers right here at asking Gramps, and also we hope and also pray that you proceed to have an excellent health.

You currently mentioned the you take it the cap off for prayers, and also that’s really respectful that you. Prefer you, I have looked in the handbook and also have not discovered anything the tells me the hats must not it is in worn in church buildings. In fact, ns think it could be a social issue more than a church issue. In countless parts that the country it is not unusual for women to wear hats in buildings, including churches. It’s always been taken into consideration rude for men to undertake a hat within a building, however there space exceptions come every rule. Maybe you have to speak to the human being who asked you to take your hat turn off in private and inform them of her circumstances. Ns don’t reprimand you because that wearing a hat inside, and also it sounds like you know when to take it off to it is in respectful to the church.

If the person still insists that you take it the hat off, possibly you should speak to your bishop and also inform the of why you wear the cap in the an initial place.

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Repeat him the you take it it off for prayers and are no trying to it is in disrespectful in any type of way. Ns hope it works out because that you, and you’ll continue to it is in in ours prayers!


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