So after watching the video & once I heard the handyunit saying "She" towards Funtime Foxy which method that Funtime Foxy is supposedly "Comfirm" to be a female. Now that also way that Mangle is also female? despite the FNAF wika said its "Debated"  But Ansty Teen called it a "He" ns think if I can remember correctly? hell is Funtime Foxy i do not care Mangle later on? Let"s check out shall we?Now an initial the gender. A the majority of us FNAF fans dispute a lot about Mangles/Funtime Foxy gender whether the is a female or male. Despite Mangle/Funtime Foxy is simply an animatronic, a robot but don"t forget they can have genders prefer Chuck E Cheese & his friends. So most people mostly think Mangle/Funtime Foxy is a male due to due to the fact that of Foxy & since of Phone male calling it a "He" & that dudes deserve to wear make-up if you"re a clown or mine. Some world thinks its a female since of its watch & ladies night.  Now Phone guy may have said "He" since he didn"t treatment & you deserve to tell that didn"t prefer the new version of Foxy & choose the original Foxy. If the handyunit claimed "She" while informing the player what come do but teen stated "He" to me is clearly female due to the fact that of looks yes but additionally because exactly how Scott make it. Execute guys have curve bodies? I typical think around it, females have actually curvy bodies & bulky chest males don"t. Scott wouldn"t put it in women night just because of balance but maaaybe its because its female, or the only animatronic looking female. Males also don"t paint their pond unless tourism a rocker, punk or gothic & females can wear bow ties & pirate prefer traits, not just males. Though Scott hasn"t really Comfirm anything he did say its a "YES" if I have the right to remember in FNAF WORLD, kinda like he did with Springbonnie when human being were likewise debating its sex when really we don"t recognize for sure. (Though Springbonnie is an old version of Springtrap & Plushtrap is the "Plush" version of Springtrap therefore it may be a male, kinda prefer Toy Bonnie lol)But what perform you men think on the sex of Mangle/Funtime Foxy? following is Mangle & Funtime Foxy the same? now let"s think around this, in FNAF civilization with the full version that Mangle & Funtime Foxy native the Sister place looks kinda the same but re-model. Both have pink & white fur, red cheeks, red lips, kinda exact same head shape, very same eye color & very same red bow tie. So if they"re the exact same it may be feasible that they move Funtime Foxy to Freddy"s Fazbear"s pizza, re-model that & put it in Party Cove. After ~ a when the kids or toddles will tear her appart thus becoming Mangle. Possibly that"s stay her 2nd head come from or the head came from other NOT usage animatronic. (Not GoldenFreddy/Fredbear"s edoskeleton)
Now compare their designs & looks, don"t they kinda watch the same? come me they execute & come me I execute think that Funtime Foxy is Mangle & that they move it come Freddy Fazbear"s pizza, obtained re-model & obtained tore appart by children. That"s what ns think or maybe they"re not the same & simply base Mangle off of Funtime Foxy for children friendlyness, but I greatly think they"re the same animatronic just re-model & re-name & in other location.  What you males think? space they the very same or different? leaving a comment down listed below & tell us your thoughts & opinions~ PS. Next I will certainly talk around Purple Guy/William Afton, Fritz smith & phone call Guy, after that is the sister Location in addition to the FNAF Novel. Remain Tune!~

UPDATE: This is just a THEORY! naught is Comfirm! i don"t really care what Mangle/Funtime Foxy is, its simply a assumed & concept that I just wanted to share with the fans.....if anyone DARES to spread HATE, RUDENESS & be DISRESPECTFUL you will certainly be BLOCK not just from the group but also from myself due to the fact that I don"t want to address rudeness or drama! i am open to anyone"s opinions but I execute NOT favor rude/disrespectful civilization nor hate! Those points aren"t enabled in my group!"

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