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Empire of the Sun have come under fire for posting a tribute to controversial Christian evangelist Billy Graham on Instagram.

Graham — who was arguably ideal known for his insanely homophobic and anti-semitic views — died yesterday aged 99. As a tribute come his passing, empire of the sun posted a photograph of the reverend on the band’s main Instagram, finish with the subtitle “God bless the good Billy Graham.”

The short article was automatically criticised through the band’s fans, who pointed Graham’s strong support for happy conversion therapy and also his opposition to abortion. An ext awkwardly, the short article was criticised by realm of the sunlight member Nick Littlemore, who commented: “Not all of us are interested in celebrate the life that a bigot.”

Littlemore likewise confirmed he didn’t operation the EOTS social media accounts, and he to be “quite upset” to check out the post.


His comment did tiny to stop the criticism, and also the band’s Facebook page has due to the fact that been flooded by upset fans.

Littlemore’s comment seems to indicate the tribute to be posted by EOTS frontman Luke Steele, who is a devout Christian.

The two bandmates space famously distant: they rarely talk, and also for the last few years Steele has been toured solo as realm of the Sun, complying with the relax of your 2016 document Two Vines. 

The band, or your management, have yet to respond to the backlash.

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