This November, the Conservative motion in the united States followed a 1989 decision the the Israeli Conservative movement and ruled the kitniyot are now taken into consideration kosher because that Passover.

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I distinctly remember stand in the Hillel dining hall during my freshman year of college, and a friend of Persian elevator explaining to me the she can eat rice and also beans throughout Passover because she had Sephardic heritage. I was pretty certain my ancestors to be from east Europe, but I uncovered myself wondering if I must embark on a genealogy project to identify whether I could have had at the very least one Sephardic family member in mine lineage, providing me carte blanche to reap sushi (not simply sashimi) and also peanut butter (not through the sushi) throughout Passover.

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Peanut butter? Why no peanut butter kosher for Passover? Well, it transforms out peanuts room not nuts, yet rather legumes (fun cocktail party reality with which to amuse her friends!), for this reason they space not kosher because that Passover follow to part Ashkenazi standards.

Oy! this rules are enough to make your head spin. We just want to recognize what’s kosher for Passover and also what’s not, however it no longer seems simple. And also that’s due to the fact that it’s not. I also picked increase a crate of matzah in ~ the grocery save this week the was clearly labeled “not kosher for Passover.” Why would anyone eat matzah not throughout Passover?! There are far more delicious foodstuffs to eat the other 51 weeks of the year!

During Passover, Jews room traditionally prohibited native eating foods that contain chametz. Chametz consists of leavened bread, or noþeles else that isn’t matzah and also is made with wheat, barley, oats, spelt or rye. Ashkenazic tradition has actually historically additionally prohibited kitniyot: rice, corn, soy, millet, beans, peas and pretty much any other legume, or something deriving native those products, prefer corn syrup, tofu or soy oil. Similarly, seeds favor mustard, sesame and also fennel are likewise avoided during Passover.

Times are changing though. This November, the Conservative movement in the united States complied with a 1989 decision of the Israeli Conservative movement and ruled the kitniyot room now thought about kosher for Passover. The decision took into consideration the absence of healthy choices for packaged kosher because that Passover food, and also its high cost, and a desire to hold together American Jews through Israeli Jews. And it acknowledged that the reasons for the initial Passover half of rice and also legumes in the 1200s yes, really lacked cogent reasons. Also if the factors made sense numerous years ago—when different species of food were much more likely to it is in mistaken for one one more or inadvertently mixed—they nothing necessarily make sense in our contemporary world that well-labeled food.

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So, rules are an altering for Passover. However I take the same technique to Passover as I carry out with many Jewish traditions. My advice: figure out what sort of Passover food endure is coherent for you. Carry out Passover dietary restrictions resonate because that you? If so, decide what the would median for girlfriend to limit food options for a week, and consider those going to do you feel associated to Judaism and also feel an excellent about the food choices you’re make for her body and the impact of your eating on the world. Whatever you do and don’t eat, may the vacation be a systematic one.