If you have been reading about general chemistry lately and know a bit about it, you can be mindful that each reaction the takes place deserve to be either classified as an endothermic reaction or one exothermic reaction. So any type of reaction you check out in your household or surroundings can be share accordingly. In this blog post, us will find out if cook water is an exothermic or endothermic reaction.

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First, let’s take a look at what “endothermic” means. The word “endo-” way within or into, while “therm” way heat or energy. For this reason an endothermic procedure is one in which warm (or energy) is going into the system.

“Exothermic” reactions are the persons that relax the energy into the surroundings as soon as the chemical reaction take away place. Therefore basically, any reaction the releases energy is classified as an exothermic reaction. 

So now, if friend look in ~ the cook water reaction, it does not spontaneously cook at room temperature. Instead, heat has to be offered to the water molecules to boost their potential energy. This used heat causes the water molecule to move more away from each other without causing any increase in all at once temperature. As the warm is provided to the reaction, it way that the is one endothermic reaction. Girlfriend can also see it the various other way; the water wouldn’t begin boiling unless you administer the system with heat or energy. Therefore, boiling water is one endothermic process.

The used heat helps break the intermolecular bonds between the water molecules, which diffusion in the molecules more apart. The water turns totally to vapor (water vapor) once all the intermolecular bonds space broken.


The physical process explained over (water transforming into water vapor) is referred to as a phase change. This is because once the intermolecular bonds space broken, any type of extra warmth increases the system’s kinetic energy, and the molecules of the water vapor move faster as the temperature increases.

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Supplying warm to the water helps it change from liquid to gas, and hence there is a change in the power of the water the is boiled. Once the state the the subject alters from liquid to gaseous, that process requires one of two people input of energy or output of energy. This energy is often in the type of thermal energy or heat. A many chemical reactions call for such entry of energy and are described as endothermic reaction. 

Now, you could wonder if melting ice cream was an endothermic or one exothermic reaction. The course, the is an exothermic reaction, as there is no warm supplied to melt the ice; instead, the energy is released. And also such a reaction is referred to as one exothermic reaction. 

Concluding Remarks

As one demands to supply heat energy to boil water, this chemical reaction is considered an endothermic reaction. Below the heat energy is provided, which division the shortcut of molecules/atoms in the liquid state. Hence, cook water is an endothermic reaction.