Why do I call Myself one Apostle? What is one Apostle? room There Apostles?

are There still Apostles? A lot of world today no longer think in apostle or prophets. They case that Paul to be the critical of the apostles and also that john was the critical of the prophets. If that"s the case, climate there are also no longer any type of pastors, evangelists or teachers since the brand-new Testament declares that the framework of the church management is apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Ephesians 4:11-16 and also 1 Cor. 12:28. So if one is excellent away with, climate so space all the other offices and managements of the church. That"s just plain and simple common sense. So ns don"t understand exactly how anyone have the right to be so anti-authority and rebellious to make such an antichrist and non-biblical statement as that there room no longer any kind of apostles or prophets! over there are just no scriptures which explain such a deletion that the structure of the church. Any use of bibles to try to teach together is a an extremely clear twisting the the divine scriptures and also such human being will be held accountable. The Almighty Creator Jesus has always liked and talked to individual guys whom He called and ordained as Apostles and Prophets, etc. That spoke with Moses, Jonah, Noah, Paul, John, Peter, etc. He has not changed. He still speak today. The human being who say that God no longer speaks, just do not desire Him come speak! lock hate words of God! yet God is not a deaf mute! he is quiet alive and His mouth is not shut! The bibles declare the in the end time, our time, He will have 2 witnesses, that will be prophets, who will it is in 2 men who will run their worldwide prophetic ministry indigenous Jerusalem. Antichrists try to claim that this 2 witnesses were currently fulfilled, or to be the old and brand-new covenant, or are the entire end time church. However none of these claims fit the scripture summary of the 2 witnesses. It is really clear in scripture the they are 2 person men who are capable of death, they room in the end times, they witness indigenous Jerusalem, their dead bodies will certainly lay in the streets of Jerusalem for precisely 3.5 days. This can not be explicate the old and brand-new covenants or the entire church. These prophecies have actually never to be fulfilled. The publication of Revelation is for the last generation of the finish times, not for people 1,000-2,000 years ago. Anyone that believes the the publication of Revelation was currently fulfilled and is not because that the end time generation, these human being will be organized accountable for your antichrist rhetoric. They room simply complying with the male made doctrine that some various other ignorant antichrist teach them, instead of discovering by prayer, fasting and reading the holy scriptures. Ns tell you that a good day of judgment is coming during the good tribulation! What is one Apostle? Many people claim the title of apostle and/or prophet. Thousands top top thousands of civilization claim these titles. However they do not recognize what this titles typical nor have they been called or ordained right into these offices of management of the church. The bibles are an extremely clear the women room not to have actually authority end the men. However the majority of human being using these titles are power hungry females who are claiming this apostleship and also prophet government of the church i beg your pardon consist the both men and women! This is the soul of Jezebel functioning to conquer men and also to ruin our society. The scriptures are clear that these space administrations/offices of the Church. Women must not host administration/office/power/authority end the church. Only men deserve to hold offices of administration. Women deserve to be prophetess but that is not an office or administration. A prophetess is a woman v the gift of prophecy. A guy can likewise have the gift of prophecy without being a prophet. It"s one thing to see and declare a prophecy. Yet a human being who holds the administrative office of prophet exercises authority over the evangelists, pastors and also teachers. Apostles space the greatest human office the the brand-new covenant church. We execute not have actually human high priests. Jesus is the High Priest. Apostles space God"s highest possible representative on the planet in the new covenant time era. The apostle Paul asserted things indigenous God that had actually never been talked before. He carried forth brand-new and better understanding that the holy scriptures. The exercised great power and authority over the church in countless cities. He to be the overseer or ar manager. That planted churches and also he appointed pastors and evangelists. Apostles are over the prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Prophets room not end the apostles. Yet prophets room over the evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Evangelists are over the pastors and teachers. Pastors room over the teachers/deacons. Women deserve to be deaconesses. However a woman deaconesses is come teach only the women and also young children. For an ext information around the female duties in the church, you re welcome click here to study this article which will provide many more scriptures. A man deserve to hold more than one office at a time. Paul held the offices of all 5 administrations. We recognize that he to be an apostle. We recognize that he was a prophet. In 1 Thes. And 2 Thes, 1 Cor. 15 and so on he spoke of end time events. These are very important prophetic scriptures to the end time church of ours time frame. He to be an evangelist. The traveled far and wide evangelizing the gospel. He had actually been a pastor to the church which he established until someone had the ability to take over. He didn"t just hand end a newly created church come a new convert! In 1 Tim.2:7 he asserted that he was an "apostle", "teacher" and a "preacher". For this reason very plainly he had an ext than one office that administration. In conclusion, one apostle is a district manager or overseer the the church. That is end a region, city or nation. He could more than all the church in Africa, south America, USA, China, Texas, Detroit, etc. He is end a region. He exercises authority to exactly doctrine and practices of the church. Prophets execute the same but are topic to Apostles uneven he holds both the offices of prophet and also apostle. At this time during the moment of the writing, 2015, there are an extremely few true apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors or teachers. The world is currently filled v false apostles, false prophets, false evangelists, false pastors and also false teachers/deacons. Yet during the an excellent Tribulation, many people will be ceded from their classic babylonian doctrines of man. God will certainly raise increase those who have been hindered, closeup of the door up and also persecuted by the hirelings that operation the world"s church structure now. Are these just descriptive native or yes, really titles? Many world claim the "apostle" and also "prophet" are only descriptive native that explain someone. They can definitely be used to explain someone such as "Paul the Apostle". However, once we are dealing with offices the government/kingdom, they end up being titles such as "President Reagan", "Governor Smith", "Ambassador Smith", "Mr. Smith", etc. To usage these titles when referring come the person, shows ideal respect. The human being who holds these titles actually insurance claim the title and sign documents and letters using the title as component of their name. In the actual scriptures, in the Greek language, adjectives and also articles together as the word "The" come after the subject noun. So in Greek it would say something choose "Paul The Apostle", but the appropriate translation would certainly be "The Apostle Paul". If the article "the" is missing, it would be more accurate to translate it "Apostle Paul" which would be a title, not descriptive alone. Such is the situation in 2 Cor. 1:1 (KJV) "Paul, one apostle the Jesus Christ by the will certainly of God, and Timothy ours brother, depend the church that God i m sorry is in ~ Corinth, with all the saints which are in all Achaia" In Greek, "Apostle" come after "Paul" i beg your pardon in English should much more accurately be interpreted "Apostle Paul". In this verse there was not any kind of article such together "the" or "an". Mankind has inserted that. The bibles (rather than man"s translations) mirrors that Paul called himself "Apostle Paul" in a location form. He claimed his place of management over the church/ekklesia. If one administrator refuses to insurance claim his position/authority, the is useless. Why perform I call Myself one Apostle? What great does it do for a manager that a organization such together McDonald"s, just to use a worldly example, if the manager will certainly not insurance claim his title, position and also authority? If he will not say to the other employees and also the patrons of the restaurant "I to be the manager", climate he is a useless manager! He requirements to be fired! The exact same thing goes because that a president of a nation. A mayor, governor, etc. The same thing goes because that a regional pastor. A pastor who will no stand up and claim his title, position and authority of service to the congregation is not worthy of his position. We know that over there are quiet pastors and teachers. Therefore why wouldn"t over there still it is in apostles, prophets? Paul claimed himself as an apostle. This is not out of pride. The was just stating his place that Jesus had given him so that he might do his job. A pastor, manager, governor, president, apostle, evangelist, prophet or apostle cannot perform his task if that is therefore weak regarding not insurance claim his position. therefore I do not case the position of Apostle in bespeak to be a bully, nor the end of pride. But only, in order that I may do mine job and also fulfill the board of directors that i am ordained to do. Jesus called me to declare the identification of the son of Perdition. There is no one else ~ above the planet that is publishing this revelation to the level that i am. He used me to declare the true identification of the note of the beast and also of the 4 Horsemen, the 7 seals, and also much more. He called me to translate the bibles in the Alpha and Omega Bible. Therefore how have the right to I deny my offices? i must start proclaiming mine offices, simply as Paul did, so that I deserve to do what I have been dubbed to do. I carry out not know why Jesus has chosen me. I am not unique or more Holy. I do not think the I have a large problem with pride. People who really understand me execute not seem to think that I have a difficulty with pride. This isn"t around me. That"s why that many of the moment I carry out not placed my name on anything ns write. This website isn"t around me. The books, and so on are not about me. All of this is around The father in Jesus name, His word and also kingdom. However I must insurance claim my offices and also authority if ns am walk to execute what Jesus has called me come do. So I case these workplaces in obedience and also reverence to Jesus Christ. Ns am an apostle of Jesus Christ. I am a maid of Jesus Christ and of the church, the body of Christ.

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I organize all 5 offices of management of the end time church. There room others which perform the same. However very couple of at the current time. I look front to the day as soon as there will be many an ext men come stand approximately take their ordained offices of the church! ns ask that everyone examine the books, videos, newsletters and articles that ns present, yet I ask the you examine every one of these things in much prayer and also fasting. In Jesus Name, Apostle Zimmerman, I witnessed The light Ministries, basic of The army of Jesus.

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