If you’re just joining us, make sure to check out this which defines the life bike of the flea and how to save your pet flea free. The really have the right to seem difficult to remove fleas as soon as they space on her pets and in the house. Fleas are very great at reproducing! in ~ 24 hrs of a flea’s very first meal it deserve to lay approximately 50 eggs, which is equal to its body weight. So, also if you only see 1 flea on your pet, in a quick time that flea deserve to turn into 50, climate those 50 every lay 50 eggs and also so on… You have the right to see just how easy it is to have actually a flea problem in her house and also how quick it can get out that control! The absolute best method to stop this indigenous happening is come have every one of your pets safeguarded with a safe and effective flea preventative. If you not sure which one to usage for your pet, us can help you figure that out.

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So what execute you do once you’re sit at home at 9:00 pm and also you realize that your pet has actually fleas and now they room in the house? Most civilization turn come the internet for advice (now hopefully you will do it visit our blog). The greatest flea myth on the net right now is the a details brand of food soap will kill fleas on her pet. I hear this declare multiple times a week and also I constantly reply through this same answer come I wanted to re-publishing it through you below today.

In every fairness, I will certainly admit the a bath through dish soap would most likely remove any kind of fleas that are currently on her pet. I doubt any great and thorough bathtub would perform that however. Unfortunately, there are two big problems v the food soap method of flea treatment.

IT IS not SAFE FOR her PET. Dish soap will dry the end your pet’s skin. Dish soap is very good at degreasing and also removing oil indigenous the skin. Pets have fur to protect their skin, therefore they naturally have less oil on their skin for protection. Civilization actually have much an ext oily skin 보다 pets. Imagine just how dry your skin would certainly be if you take it a bath with dish soap. Since it dries out your pet’s skin and removes the skin’s herbal defenses (oil), shower in dish soap often leads come a skin infection. Skin infections in pets have the right to be very itchy and painful. This may require a visit to her veterinarian for tests and possibly antibiotic treatment. So, the money you saved by utilizing an cheap dish soap may finish up i have lot of money you an ext in the end.


IT IS no EFFECTIVE. As ns said, dish soap (or any type of shampoo) will likely remove any type of fleas that room on her pet at the time of the bath. The problem here is the adult fleas (what we watch on her pet) are only 5% that the flea populace in her house. The other 95% is in the setting (carpet, bedding, furniture) together eggs, larvae, and pupae. You can review the flea life cycle here for much more information. This method that the dish soap won’t do anything because that 95% of the flea populace in your house. It’s impossible to obtain ahead the fleas v baths. This is additionally true because that “flea baths.”

The best means to eliminate fleas is to usage a safe and also effective flea preventative from your veterinarian ~ above EVERY pets in the house and also outside because that AT the very least 3 MONTHS.

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It is much less complicated to avoid fleas and keep them out of your house by protecting her pets EVERY MONTH every YEAR LONG. Call us now to obtain your pets protected!