Andrew L. Bennett reply on Apr 15, 2021

it is illegal in indiana to operation away together a juvenile, however, friend may be able to seek emancipation i m sorry is saying you are legally one adult.

Q: my son has missed allot that school, can I eventually get in trouble for him not going??? How have the right to I make him go legally?

Andrew L. Bennett answer on Apr 13, 2021

Yes, you can be charged with educational neglect. If he is not mirroring for school, call the school source officer.

Q: just how do I understand as a boy what sort of protection/restraining order was placed on my friend by mine parents?

We began dating 7 months back I to be 15 he to be 19, he's now 20. My parental knew around our connection the entire time, but they chose to put a restraining order as soon as they found details of our relationship. I'm simply wanting to recognize if the is a restraining order that will expire, one ns can... Read an ext »

Andrew L. Bennett reply on Apr 5, 2021

The protective bespeak is most likely for 2 years so it will certainly expire before you revolve 18, however, her parents may be able to get one extension. Additionally, if you and also your boyfriend room sexually active and there is more than 4 year in age difference, the is committing sexual Misconduct through a Minor... Read more »

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Q: What regulations are broken in the theft that a communication an equipment creating a safety risk?

ns live in Indiana, the device was taken indigenous a minor and is offered to ensure security by making sure she can remain in contact with a parent when playing with a group of friend a short distance from house at a playground, about half a block away from home. A teenager has been taking it from her to... Read much more »

Q: deserve to a 14 year old girl runaway native home and also not obtain in trouble?

ns 14 year old That lives in Indiana and also I don’t want to live through parents anymore. They mentally abuse me. They manage my life and don’t permit me refer myself. They always shut me under and always threaten me that they will hit me. I’m tired of waking up everyday and also hearing they yell at... Read more »


Joel D. Hand reply on may 1, 2020

The brief answer is “No”. Girlfriend cannot operation away from residence without to run the threat that you will find yourself in juvenile court for a juvenile delinquency matter. You can be placed on youth probation and also have many results imposed through the judge. However, girlfriend really have to reach... Read much more »

Q: I obtained a speeding ticket walk 77 in 55

ns 17 and this is my very first offense and also before I might pay the ticket I need to go come an early stage court hearing about it, and also just wanting to recognize what wake up in an initial court hearing

Andrew L. Bennett answered on Mar 5, 2020

friend should think about speaking with an attorney prior to going come court. If girlfriend go and admit the violation that will include a minimum the 4 clues to her record and also likely boost your insurance money costs considerably for the following three year or so.

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Q: I need advice obtaining out of mine grandmas house she’s holy ghost abusive towards me n i’m at my break point

i can’t go ago to mine moms yet untill an old step parent of mine is unable to do my boufriend has offered to speak to his mom and let me remain there but I nothing think I deserve to leave through out her calling the cops ~ a when sayin i have run means and I perform t wanna it is in charged for runaway once I want to get... Read more »

Kurt Schnepper answer on Feb 25, 2020

that sounds choose DCS is connected with your family, or was affiliated anyway. If my presumption is correct, I'd indicate you reach the end to her caseworker and talk to them about your situation. Yet if you feel you space truly being abused then you should contact 911, or contact any kind of attorney who would make... Read much more »

Q: Is the illegal because that an 18 year old girl to date a 15 year old guy in Indiana? The girl's parents keeps saying it is.

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The girl has done research and also there's such thing as the "Romeo and Juliet law." would this defend the girl in this situation?

John Mario Acosta Jr. Reply on Feb 3, 2020

If the person is not more than 4 years older than the victim, the two space dating, and also the defendant hasn't cursed a sex offense against any various other person, “Romeo and Juliet” exception can apply I.C. 35-42-4

Q: i’m 15 and the cops room trying to connect me to robberies the took location in the area,what’s gonna happen?
Andrew L. Bennett answered on january 29, 2020

You and your parents should call an attorney to discuss what you can do to safeguard your interest.

Q: If my cousin that is 17yrs old operation away deserve to the girlfriend she is continuing to be with get in trouble through the law?
John Mario Acosta Jr. Answer on Jul 30, 2019

based upon the information noted in your inquiry it is a opportunity the friend can obtain in trouble.

Q: can a adult ask for a restraining order against a youth from gift in call or threating an additional juvenile?

mine 13yr old is being bullied through 7 other juvenile's and a 17yr old highschool juvenile! Not only at college in the State the Indiana but online society networks! This is not a situation with common combat,my daughter doesn't have any type of social networks other than "musical"so I just need assist on... Read more »

Paul Stanko reply on Feb 24, 2019

friend can record a petition for a protective order. Walk to the ar Clerk's office and also fill out the paperwork.

Paul Stanko answer on Nov 29, 2018

16 is the period of consent, so "dating" is no illegal every se. Contributing to deliquency is an entirely different matter. That, that course, would be illegal.

Q: if I'm 17 room my dad and step mom allowed to touch my an individual property and also things i have actually payed for myself

or points my mother has actually bought for me through her own money

John Mario Acosta Jr. Answered on Aug 6, 2018

based on your question, I deserve to appreciate your case being a young adult, however with that claimed you are thought about a minor until you turn 18 and as together you can't very own property. The home you speak of belong to your parents or come those who you live with. The residential or commercial property purchased through your... Read more »

Q: deserve to my 12 yr old brother obtain in trouble v the authorities because that stealing numerous dollars off of someone's account?

mine 12 yr old brothers stole about $500 dollars using my friends Xbox account, i m sorry was connected to his mother's financial institution account. Can he gain in trouble v the authorities because that thievery? This is no the very first time this has happened, he freshly stole $90 from my mother's credit card ~ above video... Read much more »

Andrew L. Bennett reply on may 7, 2018

correct he can and also it a police report has already been made will most likely be prosecuted in the youth court.

Q: I'm 16 year old life in Elkhart Indiana. Can I relocate out of my parents house without your consent.

ns make a stabile income. I am virtual homeschooled, and also do keep descent grades. I have a stable real estate offer. I am reasonably responsible (I'm no perfect) however I feel I could do decently on mine own. For this reason again, my inquiry is can I relocate out, through taking legit action, without consent, and also without... Read an ext »

Kevin E. Flynn answered on Apr 23, 2018

This is not a patent question. requirements to revise their topics to do it Patent/inventions together Patents look at a lot prefer Parents. You may want come drop the patent topic from this question great luck. Kevin E Flynn

Q: I acquired punched in the face 5 time by a 16yr old female. I'm in and also out of hospitals. Have the right to I obtain her on battery?

I acquired punched in the confront 5 times by my boyfriend's sister. She is 16 year old. Ns am 33 years old. I am in and also out the the hospital for my nose. She busted a blood vessel. And also I now have a deviated septum and have issues with mine nose. Ns now have to see a specialist for it. I'm in pain... Read an ext »

Andrew L. Bennett reply on Mar 2, 2018

friend cannot paper criminal charges versus her that is the responsibility of the prosecuting attorney. However, you can speak to the police to make a report if that has not already happened. The police must sent the report to the prosecutor to evaluation for battery charges. It is entirely the... Read an ext »

Q: I'd choose to gain my probation unsuccessfully terminated, just how would i go around doing this?

i am on juvenile probation and also my PO is make the efforts to expand my probation as result of three dirty drug tests.

Andrew L. Bennett answer on Feb 18, 2018

Be mindful with one unsuccessful discontinuation of probation, it could haunt you later in life.

Q: If ns runaway, and also I'm under 18, can my mom call the police and report me as a runaway and/or arrest me
Andrew L. Bennett answered on Dec 20, 2017

The short answer is yes. However, if you room considering running away, things have to be pretty poor at home. You should contact the police, CPS or another company to look for help. Carry out not placed yourself in a dangerous place by to run away.

Q: need to I turn in mine 18-yr-old Indiana teenager for sexting 16- & 17-yr-old boys? It's her second time!
Q: What have the right to I execute if my mommy hits me or assaults me when she is drunk, she kicked me out of the house and Im absent school.

I'm the age of 16 she is 33, she kicked me out of the house and I have 1 pair of garments I'm in ~ a friends house and she to be drunk. I'm lacking school due to the fact that of that and she is trying to send me to my grandma's 3 hrs away as soon as I'm trying to obtain a job and also keep walk to... Read much more »

Chase T Wilson answered on Oct 24, 2017

call the police and/or the room of Child solutions immediately.


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