She is 12 because 12 + 2 = 14. (her age) 12 - 5 = 7, i beg your pardon is fifty percent of 14. So in 2 years she will certainly be double as old as she is now.

Although this prize is exactly it walk not display you how to settle the question. It only shows just how this human being solved it which he most likely did in his head. This is the price in equation form.

You are solving for x so;

x= her current age.

In 2 years(x+2) she will certainly be 2 time the period she to be 5 years ago; 2(x-5)

Order the operations: PEMDAS

x+2 =2(x-5) Parentheses

x+2 = 2x - 10 add 10 come both sides

x+12 = 2x

x+12 - x = 2x - x Subtract x top top both sides

12=x prize is 12 = x

This is the answer your algebra teacher is looking for.

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