Title U.S. Steel house Works, follow me Monongahela River, north of Eighth Avenue, Homestead, Allegheny County, PA Contributor surname historical American design Record, creator Carnegie, Andrew U.S. Steel Corporation Pittsburgh Bessemer Steel agency Kloman, Andrew Singer, william H Hussey, Curtis G Hussey, C Curtis Park, wilhelm G Clark, wilhelm Miller, Reuben Holley, Alexander Hemphill, James Mackintosh, W S Carnegie, Phipps & company Schwab, Charles Kennedy, Julian Aiken, Henry Wellman, Samuel Frick, Henry Clay Mackintosh-Hemphill Bethlehem Iron firm Defense plant Corporation Dravo design American Bridge agency Wellman-Seaver-Morgan company Brown Hoisting Machinery firm Allis-Chalmers Keystone Bridge functions United engineering Hoffman, LeRoy L. Crumpton, Kenneth R. Russky-Narodny-Dom, Inc. Wickerham, R. G. Steel sector Heritage task Force, sponsor Steel market Heritage Corporation, sponsor Debolt, Jo H, project manager Carlino, August, job manager Fitzsimons, G Gray, project manager Herrin, Dean, transmitter Bennett, Michael, transmitter Davidson, Lisa Pfueller, transmitter Brown, mark M, historian Lowe, Jet, photographer Stupich, Martin, photographer Strong, Craig, field team at sight Marston, Christopher, delineator Schylter, Camilla, delineator Williams, Patrick, delineator developed / published Documentation compiled ~ 1968 subject Headings - steel mills - steel sector - labor unions - ordnance sector - bloomed mills - rojo mills (rails) - rojo mills (structural shapes) - rolling mills (plates) - forging presses - brick structures - stole structural frames - corrugated steel siding - open-hearth stole - blast heating systems - Warren trusses - pump dwellings - concrete bcivicpride-kusatsu.netk structures - Fink roof trusses - office buildings - device shops - strength plants - railroad vehicle dumpers - blowing engines - Pennsylvania with trusses - Baltimore trusses - motors - engine rooms - Pratt roof trusses - International format architectural aspects - laboratories - carpenter workshop - patterns - fraternal lodges - Pennsylvania -- Allegheny county -- homestead Latitude / Longitude 40.403576,-79.919312 note - Significance: developed in 1879, homestead Works is among six tree (Homestead, Edgar Thomson, Duquesne, Irvin, National and Clairton) which, till the please in 1982, comprised U.S. Steel"s Mon sink works. In 1883, Andrew Carnegie acquired the works and also transformed homestead from a Bessemer rail mill to a very mechanized, totally integrated heavy commodities mill. Open up Hearth No. 1 to be the very first facility for large scale commercial production of straightforward open hearth stole in the country. House rivaled all other mills in structural stole production during the late-nineteenth-century. The armor forging tree at homestead played a central role in the advance of American sea power and the American military-industrial complex. Homestead was a leader in the usage of machinery such as hydraulic and electric cranes to reduce labor and also increase manufacturing tonnage. In 1901, Homestead, along with the rest of Carnegie Steel, was absorbed by the United says Steel corporation in a consolidation that the stole industry. Expansion to accomplish the production demands of world War I and also World war II generated necessary periods of readjust at Homestead. Also, during the 1920s U.S. Stole modernized Homestead"s structure mills in an effort to remain competitive with Bethlehem Steel. Postwar technical developments at the homestead Works contained the commercial advancement of high-strength alloy stole plate. ~ the oriental War, the forge division tooled up to produce nuclear containment vessels and also electric generator shafts. As a group, the structures and steel-making tools from Homestead functions represented among the nation"s most vital steel mills and also the Mon Valley"s standing as the pre-eminent iron and also steel facility in the United states for much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. - Unprocessed ar note product exists for this structure: N359 - Unprocessed ar note material exists for this structure: N761 - survey number: HAER PA-200 - Building/structure dates: 1879 Initial construction - Building/structure dates: 1883 Subsequent job-related - Building/structure dates: 1895- 1899 Subsequent work-related - Building/structure dates: 1917 Subsequent occupational - Building/structure dates: 1926 Subsequent work - Building/structure dates: 1941- 1944 Subsequent work - Building/structure dates: 1990-1993 Demolished tool color Transparencies: 1 measure Drawing(s): 13 Data Page(s): 195 Photo inscription Page(s): 1 speak to Number/Physical civicpride-kusatsu.netation HAER PA, 2-HOME,2- source Collection historic American engineering Record (Library the Congress) Repository Library of congress Prints and Photographs department Washington, D.C. 20540 USA http://hdl.civicpride-kusatsu.net/civicpride-kusatsu.net.pnp/pp.print manage Number pa2223 legal rights Advisory No known restrictions on images made by the U.S.

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