Customize a map for your Hebrew-speaking lover reading your name and theirs.

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Do you want to admire a Hebrew-speaking lover? perform you desire to tell your Israeli companion that you love him/her?Love in Hebrew is so easy!

First off, the Hebrew word because that love is “ahava”written this way


This is a noun, and also actually feminine word, hence, it has a Heh letter at the end. ה

So, let’s gain into more action! currently that we recognize ahava in Hebrew let’s talk about verbs. The verb because that love, together in ns LOVE YOU, is “ohev”for a man and also “ohevet” for a woman. Inspect this out:

P.S. I have actually recorded the phrases for you. You re welcome click “play” and also do not forget to easily subscribe come my site for future Hebrew phrases:


If a guy wants come say “I love”, he would say “ani ohev” written prefer this:

אני אוהב

If a woman wants to to speak “I love”, she would say “ani ohevet” written prefer this:

אני אוהבת

I love you!

So, after “ani ohev” or “ani ohevet”, you deserve to put anything that you desire to say you love, let’s shot the most well-known phrase in the world world. “I love you” in Hebrew. Let’s watch how numerous forms this phrase can come as:

A guy tells a mrs he loves her:

Ani ohev otech – אני אוהב אותך

A mrs tells a man she loves him

Ani ohevet otcha – אני אוהבת אותך

A male tells a man he loves him (this is reportedly for happy couples)

Ani ohev otcha – אני אוהב אותך

A mrs tells a woman she loves she (also for gay couples)

ani ohevet otech – אני אוהבת אותך


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Personalized i Love You card in Hebrew

You deserve to personalize a love card to her Hebrew-speaking lover. Just send me her name, his or she name and specify the gender of both the you.

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This card is totally personalized. It is written by a person being (ahem, your truly), and sent earlier to her mailbox. Native there, you have the right to print it the end in color.