initially issued in 1977 on the elevation Struttin" records label, and repressed and also distributed by exclusive Stock Records, as the release garnered favourable sales. It to be made the main state song of brand-new York State the very same year.

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STR101 The Steve Karmen huge Band ns Love brand-new York ‎(7", Single) Struttin" Records STR101 US 1977 offer This version
STR103 The Steve Karmen huge Band i Love brand-new York ‎(7") Struttin" Records STR103 US 1977 market This version
ST 101 The Steve Karmen large Band ns Love new York ‎(7", RP) Struttin" Records ST 101 US 1977 sell This variation

Scorer Steve Karmen, recognized in northern Soul circles because that his monitor "Breakaway" (also together Steve Karmen large Band), was responsible for this tiny nugget the so numerous originally from brand-new York recognize by heart, if not by name. This release from 1977 came to be the main state tune of brand-new York, and also was component of the NY project of the late 70s to try and renew the photo of the city (and state) in the eyes of the world. The exact same year, Tom Moulton"s studio disco act Metropolis released a dance version of it which became a fight on Salsoul, however this is the original, main version i m sorry was provided for years in brand-new York travel television. The important version was provided as a audio bed and trailer for all kinds that televised advertising.... And also still provides a jolt the nostalgic pride.

Master Release

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