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I heard a tune "As good As I once Was" through Toby Keith.


There is this part of the lyric that i don"t really recognize the meaning, "I ain"t as great as I once was but I"m as good once together I ever before was".

By context of the video clip and the totality lyric I virtually guess "I might not be as great as the younger me many of the time now, however if I can be that great at that time ns can also be that great this time".

Am ns correct?

The placement of "once" is kind of confusing me. I obtain the first "once", yet I don"t gain the function of the 2nd "once". An example of sentence using "once" with similar role would be great.

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ns ain"t as an excellent as I when was...

I"m no as an excellent now together I supplied to be...

...but I"m as good once together I ever was

...but for one time only I can be as good as the ideal I remained in the past.

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That is, in general, he"s deteriorated, yet with a great effort he can equal his vault standard.

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