Disney: 10 things That Don’t do Sense around The Hunchback the Notre Dame From few of the characters" decisions to remarkable inconsistencies, below are 10 things about Disney"s Hunchback of Notre Dame that don"t add up.

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In most standard Disney animations, the themes space light, the story is sweet, and the male gets the girl through the end. However, Walt Disney Pictures broke all the rules v the relax of The Hunchback that Notre Dame in 1996. Based on the Victor Hugo novel the the same name, this musical drama complies with a deformed bell-ringer life in Notre Dame cathedral named Quasimodo, who hopes to at some point be accepted into society. While The Hunchback of Notre Dame had actually a lot going because that it, no every information of the film is perfect. We’re here to emphasis on these now.

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Before we acquire started, it’s worth noting that we will only focus on the original Hunchback and will also fully ignore the direct-to-video sequel. V that said, the time to jump earlier to the 1400s and head come Paris. Right here are ten things that don’t make sense around The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Frollo ends up soaking up Quasimodo as his very own after the accidentally murders the gypsy woman who is carrying him. He does this in ~ the pointer of the archdeacon, who says he have to do this to pay for his debts.

It’s surprising the archdeacon thought the it was it s okay for someone as cruel as Frollo (who literally simply killed a woman) to raise a child. Additionally, why did he think it to be humane because that Frollo to save the young locked far in the cathedral attic? walk he no realize the issues he created by enabling this?

The Hunchback the Notre Dame frollo
It"s clear that Frollo doesn"t care around Quasimodo and also is merely raising him because he doesn"t desire to be damned come hell. We check out that that gives small care to the social high quality of Quasi"s life by locking the away, therefore why walk he even bother to educate him?

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Frollo teaches Quasi on an ext than one occasion. Because that example, early in the film, we watch Quasi reciting the catholic alphabet come Frollo. Maybe Frollo"s instruction was component of the totality being indebted thing, yet it"s still strange that Frollo would certainly go out of his way to provide Quasi with treatment that isn"t necessary since his nature is evil.

as aforementioned, Quasimodo serves Notre Dame together the cathedral bell-ringer. And also yes, he can technically be viewed hanging near the optimal of the cathedral throughout the day since he resides there. However, it’s quiet surprising the at the Festival of Fools, who recognizes him as the bell ringer indigenous the cathedral.

After all, Quasi wasn’t permitted to leave the tower and had never ventured amongst the people. It also would have been difficult because that the townsfolk to recognize him from the ground because the cathedral got to so high. Perhaps the world had just heard rumors of a deformed bell-ringer in the attic that the cathedral, yet it’s still difficult to explain how quickly they recognize him.

7 Quasimodo Is A professional Acrobat

Quasimodo has actually spent his whole life on the edges of the cathedral. He there is no ventured all over grand and he doesn’t job-related out, for this reason he shouldn’t be athletic, yet somehow, he is. Quasi proves to it is in nimble and daring throughout the film.

Quasi manages to jump throughout rooftops, climb up the next of the cathedral, and leap in between platforms with ease. He even does all this once while transporting EsmereldaSpeaking the this instance...

Quasimodo is unexplainably strong. Not long after climbing under the next of the cathedral with Esmerelda, he ends up stop Phoebus in the air, through his throat, v a solitary hand in the bell tower.

This super-strength later comes in comfortable after Frollo chain Quasi to part columns in the cathedral. Quasi manages come not only tear out of the chains yet take under a few columns in the process. Though this to be a comfortable plot device, it"s not really logical.

5 Phoebus’ Armor Randomly Disappears

Frollo order Phoebus — who is attract a full suit that armor — come burn down an chaste family’s house, however he refuses. Since of this, Frollo to adjust the home on fire himself, and Phoebus runs in to rescue the family from the flames. This reasons Frollo to punish Phoebus. He is shoot down with an arrow and thrown right into the water below. Thankfully, Esmerelda is city hall the event play out and also ends increase dragging Phoebus top top the shore. In enhancement to not having any type of visible injuries after ~ this event, Phoebus is also lacking his armor.

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This makes little sense, being the his armor must have been really heavy and an overwhelming to put on. Why go it every the sudden walk missing? How might it have actually separated from him underwater in such a quick amount of time?

Esmerelda bring Phoebus back to the cathedral’s attic after Frollo attempts to murder him. Despite he gets a few minutes to recover, his rest is cut brief after Quasi spies Frollo showing up outside of the cathedral. Esmerelda leaves, and Quasi drags Phoebus under a table.

However, as soon as Frollo is done chatting with Quasi, Phoebus jumps up as if he’d never been hurt in the very first place. He’s prepared to acquire out there and also save the day. It’s together if that randomly healed.

3 just how Did Phoebus save Quasimodo?

Quasimodo practically falls come his death at the finish of Hunchback. Esmerelda tries to hold onto him together he dangles over a ledge in the cathedral, yet she can’t keep her grip, and also he falls. Thankfully, Phoebus is just below, prepared to catch him.

This save is rather convenient and also hard to explain. Firstly, yes no way that Phoebus would understand where to stand under Quasi right at that exact moment in order to rescue him; the can’t recognize the layout that the cathedral that well. Additionally, how did Phoebus even get within the cathedral in the an initial place? The various other guards to be all maintained from gaining because molten lava poured end the walls. Exactly how did Phoebus escape this?

In one otherwise dark movie, the gargoyles administer Hunchback with a healthy dose that comic relief. They live in the cathedral’s attic through Quasi. If it no really issue whether the gargoyles room figments the Quasi’s creative thinking or genuine beings, the movie is inconsistent in the legislations that apply to them.

At first glance, it appears the gargoyles are dreamed increase by Quasi. After all, he is lonely, he resides in a land with no magic that we recognize of, and also we view them in a solitary, stone type when Frollo is around. However, the creatures manage to strike Frollo’s men during the final fight by throwing materials at them consisting of bricks and also stone. How might they carry out this if they no real?

1 The Hunchback that Notre Dame has actually A G Rating

when Quasi’s narrative ends the end on a confident note, the G-rated movie explores themes including lust, damnation, infanticide, and genocide. Esmerelda provocatively dresses and also dances, many personalities commit violence, and also Frollo sings a cool musical number around wishing to either have actually Esmerelda together his own or view her burn in hell. That"s a lot because that a kid"s movie.

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Though many of the messages in the film can only be interpreted by a maturation audience, it"s tho surprising that Disney obtained away through so much when contemporary classics choose Moana and also Frozen deserve PG ratings. If The Hunchback was very first released in 2020 as opposed come 1996, it probably would see a rating higher 보다 G.