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First evaluation I"ve left on this site, however must warning anyone who could think that staying right here that this hotel is infested with bed bugs. I had actually thought this would certainly be a an excellent place to put my mom up because that the night ~ above October 7th, 2013; comfortable, safe, a little on the an intricate side, and from the reviews assumed she would certainly be safe and also comfortable. When she work-related up in the morning she was covered in bites, but didn"t recognize what they to be at first. The following morning after sleeping at her very own home, she had also m

ore bites. ~ doing some research study she discovered out that they were without doubt bed an insect bites, and also that she had lugged them home. As a result, she had to have actually her whole house professionally cure to remove them i m sorry was very expensive and also obviously suck in regards to taking the totality house apart, under to the wall surface plates because that the fixtures. Unless you desire bed bugs, perform not stay here.

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Our girlfriend from Australia simply returned residence after his stay at Hudson where he acquired what he assumed to be mosquito bites. And guess what: bedbugs from the Hudson. 3 times treating his apartment and thousands the dollars. And still bed bugs!!!

I was looking front to my remain at the Hudson Hotel in NYC. I uncovered the hotel roon 1426. The room was little but clean. Ns woke up with three tiny bites on mine foot. Ns did no see any kind of bugs. Ns did google photos of bed an insect bites and it go look as if i did get bed pest bites. There are usually 3 bites i m sorry are described as "breakfast, lunch and also dinner". I referred to as the hotel come let lock know, but they didn"t seem that interested.

Stayed in ~ the Hudson the week of July 15th. Reverted with 3 bites on mine stomach and also 3 on mine back. Rooms are awful and little is an understatement. Rooms also smelled that urine

Despite a cool design and also trendy bars, I would not reccomend to book a room in ~ this hotel, i beg your pardon is complete of insects and also a employee that absolutely do no care.. When my household stayed in ~ the 23th floor in Hudson hotel for one mainly in july 2013, my sister an ns was eaten up through begbugs on our legs. We likewise noticed a many ants and other insects top top the bathroom floor, but when we informed the employee in the examine in desk around the poisonous problem, they simply laughet and did not carry out anything through it.

I feel i am itching everywhere, and will definately acquire a the majority of scares after every the bites. I am likewise afraid the I have actually brough som bedbugs in mine luggage from Hudsom back to my home in Europe...

Stayed because that one night in room 1915. I was said floor 19 is a recently opened one.I competent no bed-bug worry whatsoever - completely clean.

stayed feb 5-15 2013. Room was clean, company good, however I acquired bedbug bites anywhere my back.

Stayed in room 1260 for 4 nights the latter part of October 2011. No signs of any kind of bed bugs and also no bites!!!

Stayed right here with my husband and infant boy October 2011. Also though ns was an extremely nervous about bedbugs, we observed no sign of them. Such a relief! ours room was little but clean. 

9.28.11 Stayed right here 2 nights. Mattress was old yet no indicators of bedbugs. No bites later on either. All in all an yes sir place. Cool atmosphere.

Disgusting!!!! regardless of the i know good looking photos of this place, don"t autumn for it. Not only did mine fiancé and I gain bitten, we were ignored by monitoring in the same means others gave posted here.In addition, the carpeting to be filthy and there were hands prints ~ above the walls in ours hallway. No wonder it"s so darkly lit.This location should it is in condemned.

We remained there last week in a room v 2 beds for one night and my youngsters had bed an insect bites everywhere them! we reported this come the operator and also she moved us to the manager which went directly to voicemail. Upon check out, i asked come speak come the manager again however was told he/she to be "busy". We were very excited to visit this hotel coming from California but an extremely dissapointed the means this was handled. I now need to schedule our doctor appointments and also its been extremely inconvenient.

us left a blog post for the general Manager that hotel who has actually yet call us. This hotel is disgusting, awful management, and needs to be inspected by the city or insect control.

My boyfriend and also I stayed below April 1-3, 2011 and also NO bed bugs! Love this hotel!!

Bedbugs bit up myself and also my friend. Called the hotel to recommend them upon mine return and have not heard back from them yet.Guess the general manager who wrote increase a comment listed below doesn"t actually give a shit about bed bugs.If I want to get bit up by nasty bugs- ns would have actually booked the vacation Inn (chances room it prob would have actually been cleaner).

I remain at the Hudson Hotel rather frequently and have never had any type of bedbug bites except for this time. I continued to be for 3 days- after the an initial day i woke up through a few bites approximately my ideal ankle, after ~ the 2nd morning my entire left leg was bitten up. I just arrived earlier home and was concerned that i was having an allergy reaction therefore I went to the doctors and he told me that ns was fully bitten up by bed bugs.Forget the truth that i paid end $1,000 to continue to be there- however now I need to fumigate m

y apartment and buy a brand-new mattress.THANK girlfriend HUDSON HOTEL for A FAB STAY- I"ll make certain to never stay in any type of of your hotels again....

Just stayed at the Hudson and also found a bed an insect in my luggage upon returning home.Very disappointing.

Sat in the Library Bar, and also had a huge roach crawl up my pants leg.After i did a dance the would have actually won me a contest, ns took the carcass of the dead roach come the bartender.Bartender shrugged his shoulders and also replied "We"re fumigating."Then I got the full bill.Reported roach to front workdesk staff, no response.Reported roach with follow-up survey. No response.Filthy hotel, and the staff doesn"t provide a fifty percent a crap around it.That message above from the Hudson basic

Manager? total bullshit. Don"t delude yourself into believing that they offer a whit about their hotel"s cleanliness. They speak they do, yet judging by their actions, they don"t.

Hudson hotel take away allegations of bed bugs an extremely seriously. We continuously and also professionally inspect our hotel and provide consistent proactive preventative treatments. The guest rooms in ~ Hudson are frequently tested and were uncovered to be an unfavorable for bed bugs.

My boyfriend and I stayed at the Hudson Hotel top top 58th street native Nov 7 come Nov 14 that 2010. I maintained finding small bugs in the bathroom... Ns googled it to discover out they were tiny cockroaches... Which is absolutely disgusting. Anyway.... By the third night by boyfriend woke increase in the center of the night and realized the had pest bites. (looked choose mosquito bites, however there were a couple of of them in a row. He additionally noticed some weird spring bites top top his best foot...By the 5 day, i had bites ~ above my next a

nd back. I visited a clinic and also was said by a doctor that this were indeed bed bug bites.... I contact the guest manager for the Hudson hotel and also they told united state that... We can have a free cocktail ~ above the house.... They did not do anything to remedy the situation.

My boyfriend and I stayed at the Hudson Hotel top top 58th street indigenous Nov 7 come Nov 14 of 2010. I retained finding little bugs in the bathroom... I googled it to discover out they were tiny cockroaches... I m sorry is absolutely disgusting. Anyway.... By the 3rd night by friend woke up in the middle of the night and realized that had bug bites. (looked like mosquito bites, however there to be a few of them in a row. He likewise noticed some weird looking bites ~ above his best foot...By the 5 day, i had actually bites ~ above my side a

nd back. I visited a clinic and was said by a doctor that these were undoubtedly bed an insect bites.... I speak to the guest manager for the Hudson hotel and also they told united state that... We can have a cost-free cocktail ~ above the house.... They walk not carry out anything to remedy the situation.

Possible bedbug on mine bag after having actually checked it in the coat examine room in ~ an event. The looked like a bedbug compared to image I"ve seen. That may have come from somewhere else, together I didn"t an alert it until about 30 min. After i left the hotel.

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