If you’ve never been imprisoned, then you deserve to only imagine just how lonely a cell have the right to become. Prisoners are human beings, and also just like any kind of human, castle yearn for contact with the outside world. The majority of them stated that learning someone cares around them is what keeps lock going. The federal Bureau the Prisons confirms this v their research, i m sorry reveals that inmates—regardless of their gender—want come be embraced once they get out.

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This is why there are so many prison pen pals the end there. Civilization want to assist prisoners get ago on their feet.

With the aid of civicpride-kusatsu.net, you’ll be able to write a prisoner and show them that they’re no alone. civicpride-kusatsu.net will help you attend to a letter come an inmate correctly.

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Writing to inmates is no joke—it comes through rules and safety precautions. Those rules, that are set by the prison, are various in every state. Before you send a letter to someone in prison, make sure you know every little thing about:

The basic rulesThe permitted content that the letterThe safety and security precautions

General rule of creating an Inmate in Prison


There space some general rules that you should follow so the your letter will its destination. The rules around writing prisoners differ indigenous state to state, however some universal ones are:

Write the complete name the the prisonerInclude the prisoner’s i would numberWrite your name and the return resolve on the envelope and in the letterChoose the correct envelope sizeDon’t put perfume ~ above the letterDon’t decorate the letter in any wayMake certain that, if you desire to send a book, you order the from a bookstore the is willing to supply itKeep in mind that anything you send is going to it is in inspected by the prison officialsDon’t send hardback copies of books due to the fact that they can be used to hurt someone

The ideal option is to look up the info on the website the the prison that your love one is in. It have to have thorough rules around which content is permitted.

Appropriate content in letter for Prisoners

The contents of your letter will count on the relationship you have with the inmate. If they’re a loved one, you’ll understand what to write. The situation is different with pen pals who are strangers come you.

Many world shared the they don’t feel safe revealing their residence address, for this reason they carry out their work deal with or the article office address.

Check out what her letter should and also should no contain, specifically if you’re composing to a stranger:

Letter must ContainLetter must Not Contain
The dateA clear greeting and the prisoner’s first nameInformation about the happenings in your day-to-day life—no detailsQuestions about them that space open-endedGift cards because that holidays and also birthdaysMaps or any kind of content that might be interpreted as an escape planAnything regarded a criminal offenseContent that could threaten national securityAnything homophobic or racially offensiveContent that is sexual or explicitAnything that might be used against the prisoner in courtSecret codes

A inquiry that isn’t appropriate in any case is the one around their crime. You need to wait for your penpal to open up up on their own.

What space Some safety Precautions You should Take once Writing come a Prisoner?

After part time that correspondence, you might feel relaxed and close to your pen pal enough to reveal an individual information. You must be careful about what friend disclose, though.

If they’re not someone you understand well—a close friend or a household member—you need to think twice about revealing details like your home address or something that seems too thorough or compromising.

Try no to judge the prisoner and also be as kind as possible, however keep you yourself safe.

How To compose a Letter come a sinner by Yourself and Make certain They get It 

Follow these actions to write a letter to a prisoner and send the correctly:

Review your letter for inappropriate contentFind the rules and also guidelines around what you deserve to send to her inmate on the website of the prison they’re inWrite the prison address, the inmate’s full name, and also their prisoner ID—you can uncover it top top the websiteWrite your full name and also the return address—if you don’t feel safe, do it your write-up office addressGo to the short article office and also mail her letter

How To compose Someone in Prison and also Send lock the Letter with the help of civicpride-kusatsu.net


You need to know plenty of details prior to writing a prisoner, such together the correct deal with of the prison, prisoner’s ID, accuse on the allowed content, and more. Civicpride-kusatsu.net can assist you create a letter come a prisoner without the problem of surfing the internet for hours. You don’t also need to understand the prisoner’s ID to send a letter via our app!

civicpride-kusatsu.net can aid you:

Send a personalized letterLocate one inmateReceive a digitized version of a letter

How come Send a Personalized Letter to her Loved One or a Pen Pal in Prison

To send a letter to your loved one or a pen pal, sign up because that civicpride-kusatsu.net in her web browser and also do the following:

Select Connect through an InmateClick ~ above Send a Personalized LetterEnter the inmate’s complete name and also confirm itLocate the basic by state or cityType in the unit the prisoner’s inWrite your letter

Our chatbot will enable you to add a photograph to your letter, and we will certainly ask friend if you desire to receive an answer from her inmate v civicpride-kusatsu.net. This is the 3rd option—the virtual mailbox.

You can also choose a details theme for her letter, choose birthday, seasonal holidays, and other styles.

How To situate an Inmate

If you want to find your loved one or her pen pal, civicpride-kusatsu.net can assist you. Follow these guidelines to find the prisoner:

Click on Connect v an InmateSelect Locate SomeoneType in the complete name of the prisonerEnter the state the inmate’s situated inProvide the details around the prisoner if you’re able toTap ~ above Proceed

If girlfriend don’t recognize the inmate’s id or birthday, nothing worry—civicpride-kusatsu.net is still able to situate them because that you.

civicpride-kusatsu.net sets You cost-free From every the bureaucratic Issues


civicpride-kusatsu.net helps you call your love ones in prison, yet that’s not all the we have the right to do. do you have an concern with stalkers? civicpride-kusatsu.net can show you just how to avoid a stalker or deal with an ex that’s stalking you. We have the right to also help you acquire a restraining order.

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