I"m A Virgo Man, with Asc.in Scorpio, Venus in Virgo and also Moon in Gemini. I was freshly married come an officer in the military and also followed she to her past assignment in another state. I chose I didn"t want to be with her ~ the first six months and told her this. Us agreed to go our separate methods when ns met the many vivacious Capricorn I"d ever seen. We met v business and also she to be a revenue rep because that a firm trying to gain my business. She retained coming by mine business and dropping off tiny gift for me. Well we discovered we had so lot in usual the it to be scary and also exciting too. We share the very same taste in music, food, art, leisure activities, sex, and world views. Did I cite we likewise happen to share the same last name and also 1 year personally in age. Thing emerged as we thrived closer and also I began a business for her, which I uncovered she really couldn"t operate, so I started another and also the same thing. That never arisen to me that what she really want from me was my time and attention and also that was the point I failed to give her. Needless to say the relationship strained, someone rather started offering her what she need at that time and I shed her. She stated she make the efforts to gain the emotion back, yet she can"t it seems to be ~ to master the idea of united state spending the rest of our lives together as she did once we an initial connected. Currently she is plan on moving away and starting a life v the one who provides her the attention she needs, she left abruptly with no warning or goodbye. No contact nothing I believe in mine heart and with every fiber of my being the she is the one soulmate out there developed for me and also I go not check out it till she was too late. Walk Capricorn females forgive that and reconsider true love found late or execute I follow her together I never did? by the means she is Cap. Sun, Aries Rising, Pisces-Venus, and also Scorpio Moon also.

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Just require to get it out!

Move on by: anonymous permit go. She"s made up her mind, u discussed it, she explained. Once she claims it"s black it usually means just that.
news by: chantel my dear, sorry to to speak this however when united state capricorn made up in the end minds to leave....we leave. Us look in ~ every aspect of a decision before we do it, then us go because that the kill. So my dear you have lost her. It will certainly be best for girlfriend to move on and dont follow her. However, my self as a capricorn I would certainly loved to it is in chased in the situation, jus to see if you really wanted to it is in wit me, but mind you the is me. Take care, Chantel

U"ll really need to prove yourself by: cotton We provide our 100% the an initial time..and as soon as we"ve provided up...its challenging to think we"ll feeling the same way again. Positive best- if you can really prove the u r the finest for her...she"ll think again :)

no looking back by: cotton capricorn as soon as realise they obtain what they need from a diff person, they will not look at back, they will be faithful & happy through what ever they have acheived(Blessing in Disguise)

It"s Over! by: anonymous ns am a Capricorn woman and also I have the right to assure you it take away a long time prior to we acquire to the allude of letting go. We analysis a instance fully, everything we do is calculated. And when us decide we"ve done everything in our power to salvage a relationship and decide it"s over, unfortunately, over there isn"t anything you deserve to say or execute to win united state back. You"ve missed your once in a life time. We are so actual and an effective with the love that we give until frequently our worth isn"t known or appreciated until it"s too late.

It won"t help. You shed her. by: cotton All that will take place if you go after her, you will upset her, and also make she feel fairly uncomfortable. She left you, and Im sorry, yet I don"t think she"s comes back. Anyway, ns bet she currently has plans through her boyfriend/fionce/husband, or whatever he is come her right now. To trust me, us Capricorns aret conveniently taken ago when we have actually a man.

.. by: anonymous I"m a lid nd that"s the biggest problem with me it"s difficult 2 pardon ppl. We need attention nd the only method yu might get her earlier is by showin she yu might give she attention however don"t wait weeks execute it fast. Nd don"t talk just present her plot Goodluck

I am a Capricorn Woman by: cotton ns agree 200% v a comment left previously. We offer over 100% in a relationship and also make every possible attempt to make it work also when the various other party isn"t. We room genuine and also our love is extremely powerful. Through that being stated, it has actually been my personal experience the a man doesn"t truly appreciate us until we"re gone. And, it does take united state an an extremely long time to acquire to the suggest of letting go; however, when we"re there, it"s absolutely no transforming back. We truly exhaust our very being.

Lets just be friends by: cotton for this reason true. Ns am a cap woman that was newly dating a virgo man. I offered him my all and also he got very comfortable in the relationship. That showed little attention and made me feel as if ns was alone in the relationship. Ns told him, lets simply be friends.

Leaving without a warning or goodbye by: cotton i am like that. Once I collection my mind come disconnecting native someone, i leave without a warning or goodbye. Once she"s left, she"s left. She won"t obtain back.

Sorry.. by: anonymous as soon as we comprised our mind and also there is no reason to stay,we leave and also no factor to transforming back..we put all in partnership until over there is no more left..sorry i will never ever look back.

Same story by: angel Hi: i dated a virgo man that I provided my all to. That did no appreciate me until I was gone. Currently he"s doing everything in his strength to get me earlier into his arms. Ns not certain if ns am willing to provide him a second chance. He is walk to have to prove his love because that me and also be over there completely, 100 percent. My love runs deep because that this man, yet I recognize in my heart ns deserve the best.Best of happy

virgo /capricorn relationship by: cotton d same here i date a virgo and also he was my very first real male he acquired evrything my heart,body ,soul and also attention it to be love at very first sight we were very compatible he always had me right into him maintaining me laughing until d job i found out his ex was pregnant for him and also i quiet accepted dat cuz they to be together very first and it occur b4 us met and also then the so happen file she to be desperate and did wat she had actually to spiritually to gain him earlier and we began quarrelling evryday and also guess wat ns still organized on until i realised it did not make any kind of sense and also d attention i necessary i would certainly not get so i comprised my mind and also left him and i got myself mine cancer man and we r very happy and then dis jumbie came ago trying to gain me earlier and begging me to have actually a kid for him and he was really sorry and also needed me bck yet too late boy i moved on and there is no transforming bck i did love him but i offered my love to one more since he could not manage his life.so mine dear she moved on and hear wat u can"t avoid a relocating train u will get knocked under so find another lady dat u deserve to love.

CAPRICORN by: anonymous ns A CAPRICORN and I miss out on MY an initial LOVE v ALL my HEART.. IT has BEEN six YEARS.. 6 YEARS.. That CHEATED and CHEATED however I would certainly FORGIVE.. Since I STILL deserve to NOT acquire HIM the end OF mine BRAIN.. However THATS ME..

Cappy"s determination by: anonymous as soon as we"ve comprised our mind, we"re NOT transforming back. That"s among our ideal known traits. So to all those indications out there, be careful in risking your opportunity with a cappy. We don"t like to rubbish our precious time on people who don"t respect our love and also take us SERIOUSLY. It takes that special one through true sincerity to obtain the finest from us. Capricorns space keepers, however it comes v a really expensive price (money don"t equate), only TRUE LOVE and TRUE SINCERITY deserve to open the gate to "forever after".

deep under inside if she feel that means at first then she will certainly still feel it by: 24capricorn18 i think yes she will...in all actuality it is what we want the guy to do as soon as we storm off...if they dont ideal then we make em occupational for it...No one ever before knows the best thing to do though.(as if they are only guys .) You need to acquire her somethin she really demands to make her feeling special(gift)chase she down and tell her how you feel...I have just had actually this same worry happen come me other than it was the other way around....My virgo kelpt tellin me he can see the future...the way things was goin v us never ever gettin our conversation together it no gonna work...we to be doin really well because that a when as long as I continue to be away from this ex bff of mine....Soon together we are around her she spoils it for us...He bought up why to be we no as close because him and i acquired together and I proclaimed to that it was no him it to be the previous with me and her... She has actually done to plenty of things come me....(she is a virgo )So i told castle both how i felt about the both of castle ...it seemed choose i wasnt be understood...i acquired fustrated and told castle that i was just gonna continue to be the fuck out of both of their lives...I felt bad because i really didnt want him and I come breakup reason of that incident...I really wanted him to call and make up v me ...my mommy says if he is a true virgo the is gonna provide you a few days and he will certainly come around to you cause he will respect you because that speekin your mind(thats if he yes, really cares around you....So now im just sittin earlier feelin awful around it...SO in my honest opinion if there was anything there she wants you come think through your heart instead of goin with logic ...we only want her time and also attention ...we have to know that we possess our males ...i norder for united state to to trust hes ours...We require time (we have a very high sex journey )so as soon as we to speak qt time We room wantin to cuddle and also freak lolYOU stil have a chance

face reality by: lid i m really sorry to say, but you"ve lost her mr. Virgo.We capricorns are an extremely determined women. This uses to all aspects in life. As soon as we"ve made ours decision, we"re not an altering it. You had actually your possibility to carry out it well, yet you didn"t cherish it, so now you have to confront the results for it. Women in general, not simply caps, don"t choose indecisive men. Girlfriend didn"t take her seriously, for this reason she didn"t feel the require to provide her heart to a male who didn"t worthy it. Again, you deserve to never be absolutely sure she was made for you / is her soulmate due to the fact that she might not have thought the same means about you.There"s one big turn-off around you virgo men. When a cap provided you the possibility to win her love, girlfriend hesitate and took it because that granted. Then once we"ve had enough of her immaturity and decide to move on & execute something much better with ours time, you begin to complain and also ask us to provide you a chance. Sorry, what"s gone is gone.

You have actually chance by: Falcon I"m a Capricorn male and also I think you might still have shot, however only if over there is true adjust in her emotional and also spiritual makeup? you truly need to committed this time and also approach and speak through someone in moral terms around how you feel and also then just let it walk from there. I"ll agree through the rest here and also say the us Caps do give it our entire all before we decide to leaving someone. But when us decide come close ours hearts and also leave?..It"s done!! No looking earlier towards frivilous human being when you"ve connected expectations and given castle every opportunity to prosper up and also be real....If we don"t check out a reliable intimate future v you? There yes, really is just no allude in opened upthe door again. It"s favor opening a publication to any kind of page and also knowing there might be some funny going ~ above there, yet ultimately knowing how the last page of the book always reads already. We can discern and also read if people are genuine execute to their actions.

True Cappy by: cotton sorry dear if she left without a word...ur done she can even be cold whne you method her...Dont carry out it!!!

virgo masculine by: cotton hey man sorry bout that. Im a virgo male myself and my previous relationship v my ex has actually been on and also off because that the past 4 years. Were inlove yet going far to college has parted us. Everytime we rush into a relationship i try to offer her all the fist i could but she always ends increase dumping me. -.- we always stop talking and then she hits me up on ours anniversary. I do believe you have a chance. However for she to leaving without saying anything to be cold and also i dont understand if you deserve she now. Yet if ur love lies with her then go for it.

You"re toast...! by: Cappygal Typically, us don"t come ago and deserve to cool our feelings right down. If you deserve to connive your way back, the won"t be the same since the trust and also respect are gone. And you won"t feeling again favor the centre of her world that you when were. Maybe next time you"ll appreciate what you have.

im virgo by: anonymous Dude caps room not for united state virgos, we have solid dominating personality s, cap want full controle of the partnership we choose 50-50 or 70-30 just due to the fact that we are tough workers and want a women to be self reliant and still cather to united state as men. Permit her walk ..SOUL mate thing, No. Walk for aqua girl or cancer and also thank me later.Plus cap females cheat, most do anyway i have actually slept v 3 caps that are right now in relationships. Hotel action, and they constantly want money, however dnt desire to look like prostitutes lol. She most likely left you because the other guy had much more fame, or money. Pat her speak to her tell her you love her miss out on her all the lovey dovey stuff fuck the shit the end of her record it. Carry out it tile u had enough, e-mail the video clip of u fucking her doggy style type 3days before your date of birth on it and also send it come her new man, due to the fact that if she relocated on that quick she was screwing him while v uYour choice go out choose a bitch, or crap the bitch gain your penis wet in she pussy and man the posesthe up my nigga

Recovering from a Capricorn Woman by: Jesse Mine to be a little bit different. She was an extremely jealous. I never provided her a reason. I came home always and always called her. She was an exceptional person. Till she started checking my phone and also wanted to see my emails. She had actually been cheated on plenty of times prior. Anyway, she was also still talk to her 2 ex bfs and also swore the there was nothing going on. Ns figured the there was life prior to me...besides she was constantly with me. Lengthy story short. I had actually to to walk on eggshells roughly her or any kind of female i spoke to. And also she to be checking mine phone when I to be asleep. She eventually discovered an old text conversation the was between me and an old friend. Return the verbage was really colorful (my female friend is choose a guy) many of that text was about my beautiful GF. She review that ns was talk to one more woman...and blew a gasket...and review everything. Ns tried come explain and also just provided up after a few days. I likewise brought increase a video clip that was sent to her buy part random guy and also the friendship with her two ex bf. Whereas i couldn"t be recorded talking to any kind of woman. Sorry for the long story, yet I assumption: v the post is this. NO matter who"s at fault, a Capricorn woman will dump and also forget you. I will never ever go the end with one more Capricorn woman. Castle aren"t the forgiving type. They want you come come earlier on your knees...(her ex bf and also Husband did that) and I can do few of that if ns felt that i was wrong.So...Forget her dude...and remain away from Caps. There are plenty of other signs out over there that can forgive and can get past stupid shit. This ns know....that no matter what...NO ONE will certainly treat her and also I did. Ns took care of her two bratty boys too! LOL.Move on my brotha! let her uncover the next fool.

Recovering from a Capricorn Woman by: Jesse Mine to be a bit different. She was really jealous. Ns never offered her a reason. I came home always and always called her. She to be an remarkable person. Till she started checking my phone and wanted to view my emails. She had actually been cheated on countless times prior. Anyway, she was also still talk to her 2 ex bfs and swore the there to be nothing walk on. Ns figured the there to be life before me...besides she was constantly with me. Long story short. I had to walk on eggshells approximately her or any kind of female ns spoke to. And she was checking mine phone once I was asleep. She eventually uncovered an old message conversation the was in between me and also an old friend. Although the verbage was an extremely colorful (my female girlfriend is choose a guy) many of that message was around my beautiful GF. She read that ns was talking to an additional woman...and blew a gasket...and review everything. Ns tried to explain and just gave up after a couple of days. I likewise brought increase a video clip that was sent out to her buy part random guy and the friendship with her two ex bf. Whereas ns couldn"t be caught talking to any type of woman. Sorry because that the long story, but I assumption: v the message is this. NO matter who"s in ~ fault, a Capricorn woman will certainly dump and also forget you. Ns will never go the end with an additional Capricorn woman. Castle aren"t the forgiving type. They want you to come back on your knees...(her ex bf and also Husband walk that) and I can do few of that if i felt that ns was wrong.So...Forget she dude...and remain away from Caps. Over there are countless other signs out there that have the right to forgive and can obtain past stupid shit. This ns know....that no issue what...NO ONE will certainly treat her and also I did. Ns took treatment of her 2 bratty boys too! LOL.Move on mine brotha! let her discover the next fool.

Happening to me.... by: anonymous This is the very same story happening come me. I am an African and also deeply in love with a Chinese Cappy. At very first I was so busy with company trying to collection up things for us but I lack the attention part which I try my best in giving yet work calls. Currently I am on my kneel begging and also crying every morning and also night simply to make things work-related out. I love she so much however things happen that us can"t control and also that"s what taken place to me. Ns wish and pray she would offer me the second chance.

cancer and capricorn by: cotton My experience with a capricorn was amazing i typical you never forget them. I was v one on and also off for almost 6yrs and also what walk wrong was trust problems supposively ns lie too much she would think everyone else yet me ns tried every little thing too prove she wrong but it wasnt enough she would say "its simply not the same" but yet she wanted us to start over. She would say things choose "i miss you everyday" she would drink alot to calling me drunk in ~ 4am come tell me shes crying and that shes inlove with me. However yet she didnt desire to be through me yet not until i prove it as she would say "actions speak louder 보다 words" i typical what go that even mean if ns Am in reality showing you she would certainly confuse the hell the end of me but i love her and still do yet once she stated she to be done literally created it that means after an dispute she left without a trace never ever spoke to me again til this work its been 2 yrs

response... by: anonymous I"m a virgo young man. I swayed away from my Capricorn woman. Ns was her first boyfriend ever for 8 years. Since I was 16 and she was 15. Im currently 24. We freshly just damaged up. Capricorns will give you one more chance if you provide it her 110%. I median 110%. You have actually to offer yourself up. Sacrifice A LOT. You need to regain her trust and also beliefs top top yourself. Us virgo"s are really complicated. We have tendency not to present much affection. It doesn"t typical we don"t love ours capricorn woman. It"s hard on us to express our feelings in the ideal words. Specifically with a lid woman. Our immaturity jokes are a huge turn off and pisses castle off. She has tried EVERYTHING and also had hope ns would readjust and treat her the means she needed and also wanted. Ns speak from an individual experience. Things obtained rough v us. She dumped me. I got with a cancer who I connected an extremely well with. Yet its her that holds the vital to my heart. She took me back. Yet I didn"t live as much as the expectations. Currently I"m facing life alone once all ns really understand is just her and also I farming up together. Capricorn mrs will perform EVERYTHING and also ANYTHING to keep you. There"s a border for everyone. I"m quiet dwelling ~ above it. The hurts however its no ones fault yet your own.

Will I get my capricorn woman back???? Plz aid by: Nilesh hi ! I"m aries 39 and my Capri is 36, last whole year over there was not so an excellent going v both of us . Everything I perform she constantly had some trouble with it , we use to struggle a lot of , she n ns both are committed to every other, critical month i loosed my control n i Yaled on her, i was continusellly using negative words for her and also I damaged with her. Past 30 days she is no talking come me n don"t want to come back, I desire her back, plz help.....

Before ns discard a taturus by: anonymous I"m a Capricorn women and also dating a Leo guy, before dating a Leo i have been fixed discard top top a tarusu guy because he wasn"t seem really interested in me together I to be so into him however my feelings have acquired too heavy and was make the efforts to have actually his attentions but it don"t matter to me anymore I simply hope he have actually someone who would appreatice everything he would done for his dream girl so I would difenly relocate on.Now a Leo man prior to we came to be serious things was really bad before ours week that hanging out I recorded him flirting with another girl on the phone while through me ! ns knew ns was not his gf he knew i was super jealousy then understood how i feels later about 2 or 3week he willing to change, would never want to provide up top top me and also he been to to knife his trust ago he interpreted my love that was hard for me therefore hard due to the fact that there no way I could trust again however I provided him an additional chance see just how things go and yes we fight all the time however he said he so in love with me and would want us stick it with together no issue what. I was surprised I wouldn"t maybe to think anything that those that come out of his mouth not any type of guy. Ns alway have poor thinking choose if he going come cheat ~ above me or whatever but it no the allude what"s matter for ME is to it is in happy no caring bout anything but I do just love this human he actually reflecting me that he treatment n love may be I"m feeling nervous ~ above what happening next. Quickly in 9 days the going to be our year with each other I never been in a long term partnership in mine life !

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