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This topic was originally posted in this forum: want To BuyAuthorTopic: which method do friend wear your horse shoe ringPLAYSTEEL9Member Posts: 689From: Chandler ARIZONARegistered: SEP 98posted 07 December 2000 09:10 to be my wife ( good woman she is ) obtained me mine horseshoe ring because that my birthday, i have actually it on my very first finger so the stage lights do it sparkle, i have it facing open finish down when i play so the happy runs out onto the stole is this the way you wear your or execute you wear the open finish up??------------------Those the make music, pray twice.Donny HinsonMember Posts: 9192From: Balto., Md. U.S.A.Registered: FEB 99posted 07 December 2000 09:35 am to "acquire good luck", wear the open finish towards her fingertip. To show you have actually "enough an excellent luck" already, stay the open end towards your wrist!If friend don"t believe this, simply ask her "Buddy".Lee BaucumMember Posts: 3201From: McAllen, Texas (Extreme South) - The final FrontierRegistered: APR 99posted 07 December 2000 04:33 pm These room things that have to not be debated in an open forum prefer this. Lives are at danger if any kind of secrets space divulged.Lee, from southern TexasPLAYSTEEL9Member Posts: 689From: Chandler ARIZONARegistered: SEP 98posted 07 December 2000 06:13 pm you room probley right however i did usage the an enig hand shake in publicly the various other day, however i understand no one observed me.wayne------------------Those that make music, pray twice.abrahamMember Posts: 479From: Eagleville, TNRegistered: OCT 2000posted 07 December 2000 06:15 pm I experienced YOU WAYNE!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH------------------Abraham - MSA D-10 Pedal steel, standel amp, George together bar, 2 finger picks and 1 thumb pick, .

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Jody SandersMember Posts: 2889From: Magnolia,TexasRegistered: APR 2000posted 07 December 2000 08:31 pm Open finish up. I require to organize on to all the happy I probably can. Jody.
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