There is a lot of bad information out there about weapon upgrading and wanting a definitive answer on the matter.I quickly worked out that contrary to what some sites say you only level up the weapon your holding when completing objectives.The bit I cant work out is do you have to use the weapon to complete the objectives. for example sites say to get holy blast on avo lamentation you can kill 200 hollowmen using the morter but the bar doesnt seem to be increasing at all when i use morter or spells.What I am para about is when unlocking the kick checkens 100 times objestive for another weapon i know i kicked more than 100 hcickens with the weapon on but it never seemed to complete until 5 min afterwars when in a fight so I dont know if i can trust the red bars..

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for example killed 300 hollow men in morter, at least a hundred with spells, say 50ish with gun and about 100+ with sword and the red bar was a quarter, then i was fighting hobbes and the red bar is now over half way. plus i only have 1 love and the blessed skill didnt move and all of a sudden its showing 2.its kinda sometimes people love you and some times they just become best friends and the relationship quests take a very long time and you only get 1 guild seal from it, its getting very long winded for something that should be fairly quick

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Yea...the weapon upgrading can be a little...quirky at times. I know that killing hollows with the mortar doesn"t help. I had two weapons with that upgrade and it did nothing. I"m pretty sure if you have a gun and sword that has the same type of upgrade, killing so and so amount that they both upgrade no matter what weapon u use. Now I can"t be 100% sure on that one. I"ve only noticed in passing and don"t remember using my other weapon. What I do know for 100% fact is that you can tell when the requirements for an upgrade is fulfilled when the text for said requirement is grayed out, then the next time you draw said weapon during combat it upgrades.What I wanna know, is if your dog kills a baddie on the ground does it count towards the upgrade too. I can"t really tell cause I"m working on the merchant"s bodyguard sword and with 400 mercs to kill its hard to tell if it moves or not >.