There is a lot of negative information the end there about weapon upgrading and wanting a critical answer ~ above the matter.I quickly resolved that contradictory to what some sites say you only level up the weapon your holding once completing objectives.The little I cant work-related out is carry out you need to use the weapon to finish the objectives. For example sites to speak to gain holy blast on avo lamentation you deserve to kill 200 hollowmen utilizing the morter yet the bar doesnt seem to be enhancing at all as soon as i usage morter or spells.What ns am para about is when unlocking the absent checkens 100 times objestive for an additional weapon i understand i kicked an ext than 100 hcickens v the weapon on yet it never seemed to finish until 5 min afterwars as soon as in a struggle so ns dont recognize if i have the right to trust the red bars..

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for example killed 300 hollow men in morter, at the very least a hundred through spells, say 50ish through gun and around 100+ through sword and also the red bar to be a quarter, then ns was fighting hobbes and the red bar is now over half way. Plus ns only have actually 1 love and the blessed ability didnt relocate and every one of a sudden its reflecting 2.its kinda sometimes human being love you and also some time they just come to be best friends and also the relationship pursuits take a very long time and you only obtain 1 guild seal from it, the getting an extremely long winded for something that have to be fairly quick

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Yea...the weapon upgrading have the right to be a little...quirky at times. I know that death hollows with the mortar doesn"t help. I had two weapons v that upgrade and it walk nothing. I"m pretty sure if you have actually a gun and sword that has the same kind of upgrade, death so and also so amount the they both upgrade no issue what weapon u use. Now I can"t be 100% certain on that one. I"ve just noticed in passing and also don"t remember utilizing my various other weapon. What i do understand for 100% truth is that you can tell as soon as the requirements for an upgrade is fulfilled once the text for said necessity is grayed out, then the following time you attract said weapon throughout combat it upgrades.What i wanna know, is if her dog death a baddie top top the soil does that count in the direction of the update too. Ns can"t really tell cause I"m functioning on the merchant"s bodyguard sword and with 400 mercs to death its difficult to call if it moves or no >.