In Spore, over there isn"t a cheat password to instantly unlock all parts, but there is a cheat involving the freecam command that permits you to repeatedly collect the exact same pile of skeleton over and over again, which enables you come unlock every parts an extremely quickly.

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This cheat requires using the console, are typed into the console and also sent by pushing ENTER. To open up the console:

On windows (PC): CTRL + transition + C ~ above Mac: COMMAND + shift + C

You"ll first want to find a pile of bones yet don"t click them. Make certain you are an extremely close to the bones - so that you wouldn"t have to move to case them. If you space too much away indigenous from the bones, this cheat won"t work. After ~ finding the pile of bones, activate the freecam cheat by keying freecam right into the console and also hitting ENTER:


After activating the freecam cheat, click the bones and also pause the game (at the bottom the the screen) as soon as girlfriend are notified that you"ve unlocked a brand-new part. See the below image for much more help:


Note the in the above screenshot us have already paused the game, therefore the play button is reflecting (if the game isn"t paused the pause button will present where the arrowhead is pointing). Once you"ve paused the game using the stop button, zoom out as much as possible. Your video game should look something choose this:


After zooming out, you"re walking to should zoom all the method back in. Then, unpause the game, and also the bones the you just clicked on and received components from will still it is in there!

Repeat this process as many times as you"d like, or till you unlock all parts in Spore for the creature creator. If this cheat didn"t work-related for you, examine the typical issues below.

Common Issues

Below space some usual issues the might assist you if the bones aren"t respawning for you, or if friend aren"t may be to insurance claim them.

Not being Close sufficient to the Bones

When the freecam cheat is activated, your creature can"t move. This means, if you aren"t close sufficient to the bones to claim them when you have actually the freecam cheat activated, this cheat won"t work.

To fix this, make certain you are basically standing on peak of the bones - obtain as close to them as you maybe can before activating freecam and clicking on them.

Not Pausing at the exactly Time

There are two time when civilization pause that reason issues:

Pausing as well early: If you room pausing prior to the parts unlocked icon shows up (the skeleton will have actually almost fully faded out), the bones will still respawn once you pause and zoom in/out, yet you won"t unlock any kind of parts. Make sure you wait lengthy enough before pausing the game. Pausing as well late: If friend pause as well late and also the bones have already faded out, zooming in and also out won"t make them renew. To pause sooner, gain your mouse ready over the pause switch as shortly as girlfriend click the bones, and click as soon as the icon appears letting you understand that you"ve unlocked some parts.

Pausing making use of ESC

You must pause the video game using the pause switch in the bottom left hand edge of the screen - not with the ESC key. If girlfriend pause utilizing the ESC key, this cheat won"t work.

Not Zooming Out far Enough

If girlfriend don"t zoom out much enough, this cheat won"t work. You have to zoom the end as far as you possibly can (i.e. When the video game stops letting girlfriend zoom the end further).

Also, if the video game isn"t letting you zoom out really far, you probably don"t have the freecam cheat activated. Have a re-read of the part of this overview that defines how come activate that.

Unpausing before Zooming earlier In

You need to zoom every the way back in before unpausing. If you"re unpausing ~ zooming out, and then zooming back in, this cheat can not work.

If You"re Still having actually Issues...

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We expect you found this guide useful. If friend love Spore, and love cheating in Spore, you"ll absolutely want to inspect out our perform of Spore cheats.

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