Oh no. It happened. A BB jammed in your barrel and you have actually no idea just how to deal with it. Problem no more, since we have a couple of steps the you deserve to use to resolve that stuck BB in a jiffy.

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Clear The gun of any Unused Ammunition

Clearing the pistol as lot as you can will aid to ready the total to be treated, aid to save you safe, and open the pathways that the ammunition travels to be offered to extract it.

Slowly Insert a Rod right into the Barrel


If you have actually a brass rod simply under the diameter the the barrel, that would certainly be ideal, together this keeps the stick aimed in the ideal direction, and also keeps the rod indigenous jamming in in between the barrel and the BB. You have the right to use any rigid stick that will certainly fit though, however again, this might not be ideal.

Continue slide the rod in until it meets the BB.

Lightly tap the finish of the Rod v a Hammer

Once her rod has met the BB in the barrel, easy tap the end of it through a hammer. This will loosen the BB, and also push it earlier into the room of her gun.

Clear the Chamber


If you have a total in i beg your pardon the room is conveniently accessible, then you are in luck, and also can just open the breech and pull it the end from there. If you room not for this reason fortunate, climate you may have to remove the barrel that the gun, uncover some other means to open the total up, or magically shake and also shimmy the BB far from the chamber and out the the gun.

A BB pistol v a newspaper should have a item inside that opens up up to accept a BB into the chamber. If your gun is clear of CO2 and also the magazine, climate while holing the total up in ~ an angle, traction the trigger, and the BB should fall out through that piece.

A gun prefer the Daisy Red Ryder will be a little tougher. The gun works by collecting BB’s from a reservoir with a channel, and also then chambering them with a magnetic bolt.

You might theoretically put a BB into the barrel from the muzzle and also then shake and also shimmy it through the gun and out that the loading hole, but since of the magnetic bolt it won’t work. If friend jostled the gun tough enough, climate you could clear the BB, and also work that backward.

Remove the Barrel

If you discover yourself unable to clear the BB from the chamber, then you may need to take it the barrel off. Just know the BB guns are not always meant to be taken apart, and also that doing so may void the warranty. If you space not comfortable with this, try to find someone in her area who deserve to do so for you.

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You have the right to remove the barrel by one of two people disassembling the behind of the gun, which will open up the powerplant, which have the right to then it is in removed, or through genlty unscrewing the barrel .

You may also find the your barrel cannot be removed, nor deserve to your powerplant, making it such the you cannot eliminate a jammed BB, and need to get assist or support from the manufacturer.