When it comes to using a smartphone favor the Samsung Galaxy S5 over there are lots of features, options, progressed controls and more, and sometimes the can gain a little bit confusing. For those new to Android, other as basic as enabling (or disabling) apps native updating automatically can it is in a challenge.

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For those v a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S5 the don’t desire to it is in bothered every few days with a notice to upgrade applications top top the Google play Store, you can simply set them to auto-update. On the flipside, numerous user want total control, so here we’ll walk over just how to enable, or disable automatic application updates.

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If you hate being bothered by lots of notifications to upgrade apps on her Galaxy S5 there’s an easy means to fix the problem. The Google beat Store has actually a few simple and also easy to find settings to carry out this, however if you’re new, we’ll go through the in-depth instructions below.

It is incredibly easy to collection up the Samsung Galaxy S5 to upgrade all her apps automatically, without any interaction from you. Users have the right to even set it to upgrade over WiFi only, to save the minimal data lock may have on any kind of carrier plans as well. Even if it is or no you need to do this is approximately you, and also here’s how.


This is a setting that isn’t in the Galaxy S5 system or phone settings, and also instead has everything to execute with the Google Play store where you gain games, apps, or music. Merely head to the Google Play keep by tapping the icon on your homescreen, or by finding the in your application tray.

Once you’re in the Google Play save users will should tap the peak left (3-lines) menu switch next to the “Play Store” writing. This retrieves a slide-out settings food selection from the left, and this is whereby you’ll head to setups for the Google beat Store. Madness the slide-out menu, then select “Settings” from the list of options.


From below you’ll instantly check out where you have to go. Under the basic settings you’ll see the second option noted is “Auto-update apps” and also you’ll want to choose this. You’ll then see a popup show up with 3 options. Most likely it’s set to instantly update apps, i m sorry is nice, yet if you desire to disable that you can do so here as well.

Simply madness to choose “Do no auto-update apps” and you’ll have to manually upgrade apps moving forward. However, this way you’ll constantly obtain notifications that brand-new apps must be updated, and it won’t do it automatically. I like to control what apps update, and when, therefore this is the setting I use.

You’ll also notification an alternative to auto-update apps whenever, no matter what link you’re using. This will usage your 1, 2, or 5GB data plan, and also could have actually you getting to your borders if girlfriend download music, movies, or large games. This confirms data charges may apply, so you’d probably want to set it for WiFi only. That is, unless you don’t have WiFi access.

It’s ideal to upgrade apps over WiFi to conserve data, not to mention many house internet relationships or WiFi clues have faster speeds 보다 your smartphone.

What must You Choose?

Casual smartphone individuals or those new to Android may simply want to let the smartphone do everything for them. I know my parents hate getting notifications for updates every the time, for this reason they have it collection to auto. I’d rather control what update, and also look in ~ changelogs and also permission requests, for this reason I perform it all manually.

If you usage auto-update friend won’t recognize what’s new, because you didn’t check out it as soon as updating the app. You’ll just notification changes to popular apps like Facebook, YouTube, or also games you may play.

In the end it’s every about an individual preference. Just how much time you want to spend messing with apps and also manually update apps, or simply let her phone perform all the work-related for you. Pick what’s finest for you, and readjust it together you check out fit.

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For Samsung galaxy gadgets there are two locations to download download apps. Very first is Google application store and stopping updates is composed above. Second is common go to apps from residence screen and find “galaxy apps”and open up it, in menu go to settings and make 2nd option auto upgrade “turn off”. Read other alternatives too and also turn on off accordingly.First of all one should recognize Google’s android is running on 270 or an ext different cell models uneven apple’s OS running on 3-4 models. Point is when major companies( Samsung HTC) use android because that their devices they don’t use stock android( one that’s uncovered on nexus series), they put their own designed android. Therefore in case of Samsung us have continuous Google store plus additional Galaxy apps store which has apps designed particularly for the model. So revolve off auto to update from just Google play store if your phone has stock android with no company mods (like nexus). And in case of various other branded phones revolve off from Google play save & Galaxy apps. I m really sorry to say human being who room not even little tech savvy, turn down Samsung and also run because that iPhones.