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I cant rather remember exactly how we took treatment of the on my Navigator. I understand when we ordered our conversion kit from Strutmasters it came with instructions on all of the install procedures and the journey light. Strutmasters has great customer service and also they aided me when I had any issues v my kit. I would speak to them. Good luck.

Are girlfriend saying the you convert to springs, or repaired the waiting bag system? If girlfriend repaired the waiting bag system, call the dealer where you purchased the parts. If you converted to springs, call the distributor the you to buy the counter kit from.When I transform Navigators, I just put a item of black electric tape over the "air bag light".

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STRUTMASTER has SPAMMED EVERY site THAT has actually ASKED THE question ON just how TO kill THE " examine SUSPENSION " irradiate ON NAVIGATORS. HERE"S A solution FOR 98 NAVIGATORS and also SIMILAR. Buy COIL SPRINGS for A 98 exploration FROM THE JUNK garden FOR about $140 because that THE PAIR, NON-AIR SHOCKS because that $80 PAIR indigenous AUTOZONE and also YOUR DONE! I never BUY ANYTHING from A agency THAT SPAMS IT"S PRODUCT ON assist SITES BY using PHONEY ENDORSEMENTS favor THE ones ABOVE. And also ONE critical THING, the IS TRUE that YOUR RIDE will certainly BE much more TRUCK choose AFTERWARDS, however A few HUNDRED POUNDS OF devices IN THE earlier WILL SOFTEN THE RIDE and WILL it is in A LOT safer THEN having actually YOUR SUSPENSION GO the end AT 60MPH if HAULING roughly YOUR KID and 4 the HIS FRIENDS

Or much better yet, simply buy the kit indigenous Monroe. The kit has every little thing you need and cost $240. Strutmaster wanted $700. The rode very good after conversion.

i agree with jimboknows the kit from monroe 2 springs and 4 shocks (front coilovers to compensate because that the air springs) you gain all sensatrac shocks because that a lower price then if you had actually bought lock sepratly and also only take it a pair hours in the driveway. Bam her done and you dont must be a mechanic either. Ahaynes or chilton hand-operated on an altering springs n shocks and also anyone deserve to do it

Here are the indict on how to disable the ck suspension warning light. Http://

To mr I"m far better than anyone else since I store wasting money on instead of my waiting shocks...... Springs are means more reliable and safer.....

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I have had mine for over 7 yrs 102,000mi. The vital is wipe under the bag periodically v silicon or tire dressing come moisturize the rubber and also prevent dry rot. Once or double a year completely extend the suspension and also wipe the grime away and reapply! simple task...I plan on convert to lower and also enhance with performance springs...the airbags manage like grandpa"s station wagon!

I changed bag and strut , solenoid however front passenger works however goes down when parkedWhere execute I discover Monroe conversion kit for 240.00

There"s a huge difference in between the larger 1998 system and the more recent 2003 system. Not just in design, yet in price. Remember the old saying...."you acquire what you salary for"? That definitely pertains to this subject. If girlfriend look at the pic, you"ll see one of the kit recommended earlier.....and it"s no Strutmasters. Btw, to kill the "check suspension" post on a 2003, you"ll require a suspension irradiate cancel module....also obtainable here:

You carry out not require a module or to spend money. You can clip the strength line at the module or leaving the solenoids plugged in (without the air hooked up)

I changed mine through Air Ditcher springs and shocks. Much cheaper and to gain the light off I just turned the air switch ago on up under the ideal front kick plate.

TOOLS NEEDED.1. 7MM Socket ratchet or driver style2. Flat head screw driver3.flash light4.optional tiny mirror it helpful to look in ~ the plugs if girlfriend don"t want to remove half of the dash boardfirst, rotate off the suspension switch and negative ground on the battery. Remove the facility top dash panel. You can see the suspension module, it"s on optimal of the radio. Yet even if you eliminate the radio girlfriend can"t accessibility the plugs, because the plugs of the module is in ~ the back. Just reduced that environment-friendly wire that you have the right to see on the white plug. Note: it"s the "green" wire from the white plug. Don"t it is in fooled by others saying it"s the gray plug. There is no gray plug there, just black and white. And you"re done as soon as you cut that green wire, secure both end with electric tape. Don"t forget to revolve on the suspension switch, that way you still acquire to usage the steering help feature.