Playing Pokemon GBA gamings without having trading or link battle with your friends will certainly not insurance you to have actually a full experience on play this game. You additionally cannot catch every one of the Pokemons native the game since some Pokemon have the right to only be accomplish via trading. So below is the indict on exactly how to trade and also link fight with her friend (Link Remote) or with simply yourself (Link Local).

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First open up your Pokemon video game on your emulator. I’m using My Boy! free – GBA Emulator and this is by far the only emulator that supports attach cable emulation through decent speed.

Also the ROM paper must be the same. If her using various version the ROM (e.g: Pokemon Fire Red v.1) and also the various other one (e.g: Pokemon Fire Red v.1.1) it will most most likely to fail. Therefore make certain you and also your friend must have actually the very same ROM file.

The Process:

Open your My boy! – GBA Emulator > open your Pokemon ROM file > fill your video game > Then walk to the Pokemon center > go to an initial floor that the Pokemon Center.





After that go to the critical lady at ideal corner and also talk to she there will certainly be two choices the Trade Center for Trading and the Colosseum for attach battle.

If you desire to transfer details Pokemon to another game (e.g: Pokemon Emerald come Pokemon Fire Red) or (e.g: Pokemon Fire Red come Pokemon sheet Green) to finish your Pokedex or to usage it in a battle. Climate choose Trade center > conserve the game then go to menu button and also you can pick either Link far (Two maker needed) and attach Local (One Device).

And if you want to fight and difficulty other players then walk to Colosseum > conserve the game then walk to menu button and also choose Link far (Two an equipment needed). I recommend you selecting the Bluetooth as a connect Remote. After that choose the Bluetooth(server) and the other player must select the Bluetooth(client).

This functions perfectly fine. I have actually some screenshot proving that My boy! Emulator deserve to emulate what connect Cable can do.

For an ext questions feel free to comment in ~ the comment section below. In the future I will article on just how to case or to capture event Pokemons or most likely the legendary Pokemons that arenot in the game. For more info visit our Facebook page.

Please leaving a like and share this on her friends and also on her family. Enjoy!

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