Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver are two the the most beloved and also expensive Nintendo DS games ever before made. The games totally remade the originals and added tons of brand-new features, consisting of the enhancement of Pokémon native the Hoenn region.

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favor the gamings they room based on, over there are loads of in-game trades for trainers to discover that can aid them conveniently expand their team, or even just provide them access to cool foreign Pokemon. In addition, traded Pokemon will complement the level the your original catch. Over there are also some trades that might leave girlfriend scratching her head. To aid you navigate your method through the game, we have detailed every accessible trades in HeartGold/SoulSilver and where to find them.

Updated top top February 5, 2021 by Jessica Thomas: Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver space two the the most renowned remakes to ever before be made. Lock revamped the original video game Boy color games to work on DS and added in the choice to pick a mrs avatar lot like in Pokemon Crystal. Choose most games in the series, over there is a heavy focus on make the efforts to catch every solitary creature in the collection in stimulate to completely fill the in-game Pokedex. To do this though, football player will must use the in-game trade function in stimulate to attain some harder-to-get creatures choose Steelix who is a trade-only evolution.

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This is simple trade that deserve to be found virtually immediately ~ you go into Violet City. As soon as you get in from route 31, you will notice a tiny house. Go inside to find the trainer Rudy, who desires to profession an Onix named Rocky for a Bellsprout. The Onix will certainly be holding a Prism Berry and have a hasty nature.

The Onix will likewise have the sturdy ability that will keep it alive, even when acquisition a hefty amount of damage.

The following trade in the video game will be found in the game"s best city, Goldenrod. Much more specifically, you will have the ability to find the trainer Jose ~ above the 5th floor that the Goldenrod department Store. Below he will sell you to profession a Drowzee because that a Machop called Guts holding a Macho Brace, an item that increases the assault power that Pokémon if lowering their speed.

This Machop has a lonely nature and also the ability Guts, which allows a 50% attack increase when the Machop is afflicted v a status effect.

as soon as you arrive at Olivine City, girlfriend will desire to enter the house in the northern component of town. Over there you will discover a fisherman called Richard who is feather to profession his Voltorb, Billy. The Voltorb will come holding a Cherri Berry and has a continuous nature.

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It additionally has the advantageous electric form ability static that gives Voltorb a 30% possibility of paralyzing its opponent when assaulted psychically. This capability also gives you a 50% chance of encountering an electric form when Voltorb is placed in your party"s first slot.

after Olivine City, friend won"t find another trade again till you are in Blackthorne, the city housing the eighth gym. Right here you will certainly be asked to provide up her Dragonair in exchange for a Dodrio. The trainer that offers the trade, Ayan, deserve to be found in a residence to the east. The Dodrio is named Doris and also holds a acting ball, an item the assures the holder deserve to flee from battle.

On top of the smoke ball, Doris has actually an impish nature and also the capability Run Away, which has the same effect as the exhilaration ball.

for the next few trades, friend will have to beat the elite four and also return come Kanato. Here you will find a man in Pewter City called Mondo trying to find a Haunter. Mondo deserve to be discovered in the regional Pokemon Center and also is NPC closest come the entrance. The Xatu is nicknamed Paul and also will come to you holding a Wacan Berry.

The Xatu has a usual nature and also the capability Synchronize, which reasons opposing Pokémon to it is in afflicted with the very same status effects.

To find Magneton, you will need to discover Route 10 and enter the power plant. Inside you will discover several scientists. For the trade, you will must speak to Lorenzo, who can be uncovered at the top of the room. Lorenzo will sell you Maggie the Magneton, who is holding a metal cCat. The metal Coat will rise the strength of stole moves through 10%.

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The Magneton has actually an impish nature and also the capacity Magnet Pull, which will keep various other Steel-types native fleeing during battle.

these next few trades space a bit different and will call for you to win battles before gaining accessibility to them. The an initial is a trade through Lt. Surge that will certainly pop increase after you defeat him 2 times. After ~ this, walk to the Saffron City Train terminal after recording a Pikachu, especially from the Viridian Forest. He will certainly then trade you a french Pikachu named Volty, who is holding a Yellow Shard.

This Pikachu has actually a jolly nature together with the ability Static.

To start this trade, girlfriend will need to discover the trainer Steven. Come begin, walk to Saffron Center and also enter the pink residence to uncover a copycat who has lost her doll, afterward, paris to Vermillion city and also enter the Pokemon Club, when you talk to the president you will gain the doll. After ~ leaving, you will encounter Steven outside. After he leaves, fly ago and provide the girl her doll and also then head to Silph Co. Where he will certainly be wait again.

You will certainly then be given a starter by him, afterward fly to the Pewter City Museum to speak to that again and also then ago to Silph Co. Where he will sell to profession you a Beldum the is holding the Dawn Stone. The will have a brave personality with the ability Clear Body, i m sorry negates capability effects.

This have the right to be another trade the is a bit tricky to find; to start with, girlfriend will should defeat Brock and then do your method to Vermillion City. Right here you will need to get in the Diglett cave specifically top top a Saturday between 5 p.m. Come 8 p.m. To uncover Brock. He will certainly then market you a Rhyhorn called Hornlette, that will be holding a Passho Berry.

The Rhyhorn will have a calm nature with the ability Lighting Rod, which absorbs any Electric-type moves used by the opponent.

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This is among the simplest trades in the game since you can literally choose any type of Pokemon you want for the trade. The profession will become easily accessible when you beat gym leader Jasmine because that the second time. Afterward, visit her in the gym to begin the profession where she will market you she Steelix, Rusty. Rusty is holding a reassuring Bell, which helps improve your friendship level through 50%.

Rusty has a brave nature with the absent Head capability that permits the Steelix to neglect recoil damage.

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